Why Reincarnation Is to Be Avoided

Why Reincarnation Is to Be Avoided

As immortal soul-children of God, we must not be forced by the fruits of our own evil action to return to undesirable lives on earth.

Our home is in omnipresence: the diseaseless, sorrowless, ever-blessed kingdom of God. It is not this caravanserai of earth, where we descend for earthly entertainment.

When we are through with this mundane play, we must make up our minds to return home.

Reincarnation is created by satanic force, which has instilled in people wrong desires and attachments, and has influenced them to leave the all-happy kingdom of God and to return repeatedly to earth, the land of false hopes, disillusionment, bereavement, and ignorance.

Contemplate the monotonous recurrence of death and rebirth. While still in this body, work to destroy the seeds of your past karmas (actions). Remember, roasted seeds will not germinate.

People who in deep meditation roast their karmic seeds in the fires of wisdom will never again need to reincarnate on earth.

The Ego Loves the Bodily Jail

Reincarnation keeps immortal souls away from their kingdom of omnipresence in the disease-ridden, accident-prone, and misery-infected little bodily jail.

Just as some criminals get so used to jail that they hate to leave it at the end of their term, so also omnipresent souls become so attached that they hate to leave the bodily jail, even when their life term expires.

Free souls like Jesus and Krishna can visit the earthly prison to bring parole for soul prisoners, recalling them to their kingdom of unending happiness.

.Excerpted from Karma and Reincarnation by Paramhansa Yogananda.

For more information or to purchase Karma and Reincarnation, please click HERE.

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