Yogananda on How to Select Your Life Companion

If You Marry for Beauty, Make Sure That Beauty Includes Inner Beauty

Give serious thought before deciding to marry. Do not marry until you are sure your marriage will be enduring.

If you marry for good looks or beauty, make sure that beauty includes inner beauty.

Many people marry because they are attracted by good looks, but most people who marry for beauty alone soon part. Physical beauty, if not supported by beautiful spiritual qualities, is the first thing to pall.

After the infatuation of beauty passes, the most beautiful face may begin to seem ugly.

Of course, personal beauty has its place in the plan of life, but greater than physical beauty is spiritual beauty. Souls that are dressed in purity, appareled with sweet speech, dressed in wisdom, and accustomed to unending, unconditional love, exercise a lasting magnetic hold on their mates.

Many people fall in love and marry while blinded by physical attraction. Then when the fog of passion clears away, they see their partner’s true nature and may become disgusted. Like shuttlecocks, they fly into the divorce courts.

Never Marry for Money or Social Position

Some men like to marry rich widows and some women like to choose rich bachelors, but marriage for money never lasts, and usually ends in the accusation: “You married me for my money!”

Those who want money should go into business and earn it, they should never try to get rich quick through marriage. The person marrying for money will never be happy.

Many couples marry for social position. Don’t try to gain social status through marriage. Gain money and fame by developing your own usefulness and you will automatically attract social prominence.

You will never be happy trying to become famous by basking in the halo of somebody else’s fame.

Excerpted from How to Love and Be Loved by Paramhansa Yogananda

For more information, or to purchase How to Love and Be Loved, please click HERE.

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