Fountain of Joy - Devotional Chanting by Nayaswami Haridas

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In May of 1970, Haridas encountered Swami Kriyananada for the first time, an encounter that would profoundly shape his spiritual path. Inspired by Kriyananda’s and Yogananda’s spiritual chanting, Haridas discovered that this sacred music deepened his meditation and enriched his spiritual life. Now, after decades of devotion, Haridas and his wife Roma serve as the Spiritual Directors of the Ananda Bangalore Retreat Center in India.

At Ananda, devotional chanting is revered for its ability to open hearts and quiet minds, paving the way for profound meditative experiences. Drawing from this deep wellspring of spiritual wisdom, Haridas presents "Fountain of Joy," a collection of chants crafted to inspire devotees in their own spiritual practices.

Immerse yourself in the divine melodies of "Fountain of Joy," where each note resonates with the essence of inner peace and spiritual awakening. Join us on this transformative journey as we embrace the timeless tradition of devotional chanting to enrich our lives and illuminate our souls. 

Track Listing

1. Door of My Heart 05:18

2. Govinda Jai Jai 04:01

3. Radhe Bolo 05:14

4. Lord I am Thine 04:31

5. What Lightning Flash 03:30

6. Hare Krishna Hare Rama 03:52

7. Blue Lotus Feet 05:07

8. AUM Namah Shivaya 05:41

9. Who Is in My Temple? 03:42 

10. I Will Drink Thy Name 07:00

11. I Will Never Forget Thee 03:51

12. I Am the Bubble, Make Me the Sea 02:55

Total Runtime = 54:42

Accompanied by Nayaswami Roma, Kirtals; Amit, Tabla



Format: CD

Customer Reviews

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Christina Riegel
Fountain of Joy - Devotional Chanting by Nayaswami Haridas

So beautiful and uplifting! Thank you!

chidambar Bonin

Haridas is special. I have always loved his chanting, so getting this recording has been a great joy and blessing.

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