A Healer’s Handbook

What Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing–Discover the Secret to Spiritual Healing According to Paramhansa Yogananda

What Everyone Should Know About Energy Healing–Discover the Secret to Spiritual Healing According to Paramhansa Yogananda

A Quest for Healing

Five years ago, I was suddenly confronted with a gripping and intense phobia of rocks. This came out of nowhere, as I had never been fearful of anything before.

Hours and hours spent with my therapist did not seem to help much. Interestingly, what seemed to be a psychological disorder was not at all helped by psychology.

I prayed and meditated intensely. Friends and family also prayed for me. While prayers and meditation helped, I wasn’t healed quickly enough.

Eager to be well, I embarked on a quest . . . in search of a healing modality.

Thankfully, I found what I was looking for.

It was energy healing (from a distance) that healed my phobia completely.

I was simply amazed.

Thus began my interest and fascination in energy healing.

So, when Mary Kretzman’s A Healer’s Handbook: Channeling the Light of Yogananda and Christ came out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

The book was a quick and inspiring read, filled with insights and wisdom about spiritual and energy healing.

You don’t have to be a healer to enjoy and appreciate this book.

What the author offers can help increase your ability to pray for/heal others and to self-heal.

A Healer’s Handbook

A Healer’s Handbook is a beautifully written and inspiring guidebook not only for healers but for everyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and practice of spiritual and energy healing.

Mary Kretzman—director of Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry for nearly thirty years—has guided many around the world in healing techniques that had helped and healed thousands of people.

Her work also has included “laying on of hands” sessions, drawn from the teachings of two great spiritual masters—Paramhansa Yogananda and Jesus Christ.

This book details Mary’s in-depth experiences and insights that everyone could benefit from.

Attunement to a Higher Power—God Is the Healer

Yogananda often said: “God is the healer.”

According to Mary, when a healer deeply attunes to God’s power and recognizes that he/she is only a channel through which the infinite power and grace of God flow through, then the healing that takes place is the most effective.

While attunement is critical, attunement coupled with an intense desire to serve others, are even more powerful.

Mary’s accounts demonstrate that the selfless desire to serve others is important, as it increases the healer’s ability to channel God’s infinite healing energy onto the patient. On the other hand, ego or spiritual pride would do the opposite, as it gets in the way and interferes with the flow of this divine energy.

A true healer knows God alone is the healer.

Here is an excerpt from A Healer’s Handbook.

My sole intent was to serve God, and healing was the avenue . . . As this healing power increased, I felt that through God’s grace I had been given the deeper understanding of how to avoid the pitfall of spiritual pride within the journey of healing.

I knew with quiet conviction that it would be self-defeating to become impressed with myself after something wonderful and beautiful happened in a healing session, because any emphasis on ego would decrease this divine energy flowing through he medulla.

If a healer becomes fascinated with her or his own energy, what else is left for devotion to God and the corresponding heartfelt service to others? For this reason, I quite literally followed the advice from Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings: “Just heal and forget. Say, ‘God is the Healer.’”

Divine energy enters through the medulla oblongata, which is also the seat of the ego. If one has too much thought of the “little self” it constricts the flow of divine energy entering through this point. Conversely, when one seeks to serve others, there is a natural expansion beyond the little self.

If one’s service is offered in a state of devotion to God, the divine door is open for Infinite healing energy to flow through the instrument, because one’s focus is no longer on the little self but on the Infinite . . .

I also remember at that time being very moved by a quote from Yogananda: “The greatest miracle is when the devotee says, ‘I no longer want what I want. I want what You want through me.’”

Through her attunement with that Higher Power and intense desire to help others, Mary was able to facilitate many cases of instantaneous and near-instantaneous physical healing and deep emotional wounds.

Many of Mary’s clients have told her: “One session with you has helped me more than years of therapy.”

The Mystery of Energy Healing Explained

Can energy heal us?

If yes, how?

Where does the energy come from?

How does all this work?

Why is it that sometimes we are healed, and sometimes we aren’t?

Does the patient play an important role in her/his healing?

Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

If yes, then A Healer’s Handbook is for you, as it offers the answers to all those questions . . . and much more.

Prospective and veteran healers, and those who seek hope and help for personal healing, will find inspiration and helpful instruction from this book and Mary’s accounts.

Highly recommended! A must-read!

To purchase Mary Kretzman’s AHealer’s Handbook, please click here.



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