AUM - The Melody of Love

AUM - The Melody of Love

Aum The Melody of Love

AUM — The Melody of Love

by Bharat Cornell

Dear Meditator,

I am very happy to announce that my book, AUM: The Melody of Love, is now in print. The purpose of the book is to help readers deepen their experience and love for AUM. God is ever-new bliss, and vibrating AUM is the Divine Generator pouring out God’s love to all creation.

A saint said we should meditate on AUM with meaning and devotion. As I dived more deeply into the spiritual science of the Cosmic Vibration, I began to see how central a role AUM plays for our liberation.

AUM is the Omnipotent Force propelling each soul toward God. The Mundaka Upanishad proclaims AUM to be the bow, the arrow to be the soul, and the target, Brahma, or Cosmic Spirit. AUM’s expanding power spreads the disciple’s consciousness to Infinity, and the disciple begins at last, to experience the guru’s consciousness.

In AUM: The Melody of Love you will discover many exercises, stories, and entry points that will help you gain a fuller appreciation and realization of AUM’s universal reality.

The following book excerpt is from chapter eight, Your Friend and Liberator:

Sleeping babies smile blissfully, the saints say, because they’re listening to AUM. A human mother sings a lullaby to comfort her baby; the Divine Mother sings Her lullaby of love to comfort all creation.

Through AUM, God’s grace flows into the world. After first hearing it and discovering its continuous sound, an Ananda student said, “AUM is ever present. All I need to do is remember to listen!”

The Cosmic Vibration is loving, conscious, and responsive. Paramhansa Yogananda spoke of how the sound of AUM would change into the English or Bengali language to give him precise instructions. He said, “You have absolutely no idea of the wonderful realizations and intuitions will give you. If you practice it regularly, faithfully, and reverently, you will get them all by and by.”

When disciples would ask Paramhansa Yogananda to give them a mantra, Yogananda would suggest, “AUM Guru,” explaining that this mantra is a prayer to the guru asking him to introduce the disciple to AUM. “Then,” Yogananda would add with a smile, “AUM becomes your teacher.”

AUM is the Cosmic Redeemer because it annihilates the mind. The sages of India say that the restless mind is finally trapped by its attraction to AUM and samadhi is achieved. “Just as light is the property of a lighted lamp,” Lahiri Mahasaya said, “so the sound of AUM is the intrinsic property of the stage of samadhi.”

Just as a child who has been separated from his mother quickly achieves oneness with her when he is again in her presence, so does the devotee become totally absorbed while in AUM. Even wild animals are attracted to the Cosmic Sound. Snakes, deer, and other wild beasts in the forests of the Himalayas have often come to sit peacefully beside a hermit who’s chanting AUM. AUM’s effect on animals shouldn’t be surprising, because everything in creation is, in a very real sense, music or vibration; and Holy AUM, the purest of all melodies, naturally captivates every being.

Exercise: Follow the Trail of AUM

When one closes his ears, the external sounds of the world disappear. His consciousness is drawn inward to the sounds of the physical body, then deeper within, to the astral sounds of the chakras. If one continues following the trail of AUM, Ramakrishna says, he will find God.

Read the following visualization and travel the blessed trail that leads to Holy AUM and beyond:

Imagine you are standing in a heavily wooded forest, far from the ocean. Listen to the sounds of the forest all around you.

Very faintly . . . you can also hear a distant roar. You cannot see the ocean and have no idea how far away it is. But you know that where there is a roaring sound, there must be the ocean. With great expectation, follow the sound of the ocean, and listen intently along the way, making sure that the ocean’s roar is becoming stronger and stronger in your ears.

You walk for some time, then see dazzling blue sky appearing between the trees on the ridge above you. You must be getting close.

You crest the ridge and hear the mighty rumble of the ocean. Lo, before you, luminous waves are crashing along the shore. The roar of the waves thrills every cell in your being.

Your soul leaps blissfully out of your body and expands to unite with the surf, rocks, and sand. You joyfully delight in, and fly with, the soaring seagulls. You are in everything you see. You are blooming in the flowers, scuttling across the sand, and surging in the waves. Your soul delights in the blissful hum that emanates from every atom in creation.

Sensing that there is still more to experience, you raise your eyes above the crashing waves, and their thunderous roar. Silent stillness draws you into the vast, blue ocean of Spirit: calm and serene. Like a raindrop splashing on a lake, you melt in the Infinite Sea.


“In this book, Nayaswami Bharat takes AUM deeper, penetrating beneath the superficial uses of the primal sound and bringing out its true power. Readers will benefit greatly from this wise and practical book.”
—Philip Goldberg, author of American Veda: From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation, How Indian Spirituality Changed the West

“Aum: The Melody of Love is a powerful and transformative book. It goes directly to the heart, and brings the reader to the heart of Creation itself.”
—Kathryn Gann, Director, Theosophical Society of America

“AUM: The Melody of Love offers the sincere reader a sacred pathway to an ever-deepening experience of the divine. What one especially feels, reading these pages, is God’s love for all of us, His human children, and how much He yearns for us to reunite with Him through the liberating power of AUM.”
—Naidhruva Rush, Editor, Clarity Magazine

Order this book from Crystal Clarity Publishers

From the article AUM – The Melody of Love originally posted in the Daily Meditator Newsletter

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