Once and Future Christ: Where East Meets West

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There is a great need in these times for a deeper and more universal understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ. No mere intellectual analysis possesses the spiritual power and grace to transform the divisive dogma that separates sincere Christians from other faiths. The yogis of India, both ancient and modern, have gifted to the world a revelation of universality for the healing of the nations.

Paramhansa Yogananda came to America in 1920 to focus the light of India’s timeless and timely wisdom upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. In Once and Future Christ, Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway expands upon that message with the inclusion of modern scientific discoveries and an exploration of the similarities and relationships between Christianity and Yoga.

This book describes the inevitable evolution of Christian dogma towards greater inclusivity. The pathway of this future evolution leads to an understanding that the individual soul’s relationship to God is the goal of the spiritual life. The beauty, harmony, and sacredness of individual spiritual traditions need not be sacrificed but may someday be understood in a deeper and more personally meaningful light.

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Customer Reviews

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Sivendra Nath Misra

Once and Future Christ: Where East Meets West

phil allen
Once & Future Christ

Excellent book for the troubling times we are living!
Helps to refocus why we are real purpose in being on the planet now

George Hutchby

I suspect I will have to read this book several times to get a fuller understanding of the intended message.

Shankari Fletcher

Once and Future Christ: Where East Meets West

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