Shaped by Saints - Ebook

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Author:   Devi Mukherjee

Contributors:   Nayaswami Durga, Swami Kriyananda

While a young man, Devi Mukherjee worked with Mahatma Gandhi in the Indian resistance movement and was imprisoned for five months. After release, Devi began a spiritual quest throughout India, traveling some 45 years at various times. 
From 1955 to 1966, he was part of the Yogoda Satsanga Society, Yogananda’s organization in India. There, he and Swami Kriyananda were brother monks. He later married the daughter of Yogananda’s childhood friend Tulsi Bose. The Mukherjee family lived in Tulsi’s former house in Calcutta, where he and Yogananda dreamed and meditated as boys.

Devi takes the reader on a profoundly inspiring pilgrimage to meet saints and realized masters of modern India in forest ashrams, mountain caves, holy places, and shrines. He shares many insights and lessons from the great ones and tells many previously unpublished stories of Yogananda’s early life and return visit to India in 1935–36.

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