Flow Learning: Opening Heart and Spirit Through Nature - E-Book

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Ready for a journey of self-discovery?

In his newest release, Flow Learning®, Joseph Bharat Cornell shares a transformative learning process that empowers participants to awaken their higher human qualities through direct experiences in nature. Flow Learning provides the essential ingredients for true learning, as well as a recipe for the inner transformation that every educator strives to bring their students.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, education and the classroom settings are undergoing dramatic changes. Flow Learning helps us utilize the one thing accessible to each of us: nature. This book offers living examples, activities, and points of reflection to help the reader understand how to use these concepts for best effect—whether you’re a parent, teacher, group facilitator, or nature enthusiast.

​Cornell’s Sharing Nature® books have “sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education,” and have been published in twenty-seven languages and sold over a million copies. After the success of his award-winning books Sharing Nature and Deep Nature Play, Flow Learning completes his earlier works with an in-depth teaching system that awakens us to our higher potential by experiencing the joy of being in nature.

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Testimonials for Flow Learning:

“An enlightened yet practical approach that brings... Conscious Awareness to learning.”

—Dominique Del Chiaro, Manager, Healthy Living Program, Stanford Univ.


“Flow Learning is like a portal; lifting and transporting us to the heart of nature."

—Sonthya Chutisacha, Co-Director, Knowledge Source Institute, Thailand


“I highly recommend Flow Learning to all educators and students of life. The book is incredible.”

—Satish Kumar, Founder of Schumacher College, UK




​"Joseph Cornell is one of the most revered American nature educators in the world today. His teachings unite intelligence, heart, and spirituality to convey a unique magnetism that brings people back to their own nature. Participants experience the joy of learning with a pure heart, evoking love and respect for the environment."   —Yangminshan National Park, Taiwan




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