From Joy I Came - Digital

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From Joy I Came features beautiful guitar interpretations of chants by Paramhansa Yogananda. This first CD is a collection of instrumental interpretations of devotional chants written by Paramhansa Yogananda and performed by Panduranga. Performing on 12-string, 6-string steel, and classical guitars, Panduranga creates a soundscape of meditative and inspirational music. Live performances are highlighted by masterful guitar work as well as devotional interludes.

Along with the teachings of yoga, Yogananda brought his own style of chanting. He translated many traditional Bengali chants into English while composing many original devotional chants. What makes the chants unique and powerful is that Yogananda would chant each of the melodies until he achieved Samadhi, a state of ecstasy and union with the Divine. In this state, he sowed the vibrations of the chants into the ether, making it available to all devotees for eternity. These chants, offered in instrumental form and performed by Panduranga, provide music for contemplation and devotion.

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