Meditation Therapy - Digital Download (MP4)

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Change is the only constant in the Universe...

Our lives-personally and professionally, emotionally and spiritually, outwardly and inwardly-are in a continuous state of flux. With this stream of changes come levels of stress that can cause a variety of physical and mental difficulties. Effectively dealing with his is one of the most important lessons we can learn.

Meditation TherapyTM is a new approach to finding lasting solutions to our deepest problems and concerns. Combining the power of deep meditation practice with the insights of psychology, Meditation TherapyTM will help you enrich your relationships in lasting ways.

With this complete Meditation Therapy DVD you will learn:

    • How to relax;
    • How to draw rejuvenating energy;
    • How to meet, without stress, the inevitable challenges of everyday life.

While practicing the techniques taught on this DVD, you will experience immediate, life-changing results.

Three Meditation Therapy routines on one DVD:

    • Emotional Health
    • Relationships
    • Stress and Change

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