Stories from India, Volume 1 - E-Book

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This treasury of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Indian tales will delight both the casual reader and students of Eastern thought. Featuring a gamut of characters: from saints, to thieves, lions and frogs, these stories were told by Master in his lectures, informal talks, and writings.

Yogananda knew that stories have a way of bringing out a childlike openness within us, regardless of age. In that openness, heart and mind make connections the intellect alone may miss. He told these tales to illustrate the spiritual and practical truths he was trying to teach.

It is not enough to be inspired by spiritual truths. We must be able to apply those teachings to our daily life.

Each story is followed by a “Wisdom Gem,” illuminating spiritually vital topics such as Right Action, Courage, Unconditional Love, Faith and Wisdom -- an enjoyable way to explore and reflect on these universal principles.

Whether you are a teacher, parent, student, or simply a devotee, these stories are a great resource to return to again and again for inspiration, sharing and personal study.

The message contained in each of these stories will give you the tools to do that, through the simple and ancient art of storytelling!

A helpful aspect of this collection, thoughtfully compiled by Nayaswami Maria McSweeney, is that the stories are organized by the qualities they illustrate, such as Love, Faith, Will-Power, and Courage. 

This book is an enjoyable way to explore and reflect on universal principles like courage, devotion and non-attachment. A wonderful resource to return to again and again for continued inspiration, sharing and personal study.

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