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Whatever your age or level of fitness, Yoga for Emotional Health can help you break through the emotional blocks that prevent you from living a happy, healthy life. Yoga postures are beneficial not only for stress reduction and physical well-being—they can be powerful tools for healing harmful emotional states.

In this video, set outdoors in the majestic foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lisa Powers teaches you how to use yoga postures and related practices to overcome anger, anxiety, depression, hurt feelings, negativity, doubt and a host of other emotional imbalances. Special emphasis is given to postures designed to awaken the natural love of the heart, an important step in healing, and to give you an experience of the expansive, life-affirming joy of your true self. In addition to the postures, Yoga for Emotional Health teaches you how to work with affirmations, breathing, visualizations, and other techniques long proven to aid in healing.

DVD Bonus Feature: A Full-length talk by Peter Van Houten, MD, co-author of the Yoga Therapy book series. Learn the science and techniques to gently and easily make lasting, positive changes necessary for emotional well-being.

Ananda Yoga® videos offer gentle, user-friendly yoga postures with clear explanations and relaxing background music. The routines are presented by instructors with real-life bodies and a down-to-earth style. Designed to benefit you on many levels—physical, mental, and emotional—Ananda Yoga® also helps you tune into your body’s subtle energy flows, ultimately taking you beyond the body to the deeper spiritual underpinnings of all yoga practices.

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Candace Clarke
Excellent ZdVD

Amazing transformation with this DVD🙏

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