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By Margaret Bowen Deitz




About the Author:

Margaret Bowen Deitz (February 1, 1914 - November 20, 1996), known to many who loved her as Peggy, shared the good saint's love for God, Nature, and humanity. Her written words include two published anthologies of verse: Pensamientos, and The Sea and Other Moods. Peggy has been, is, and will always be at peace with St. John the Evangelists's declaration that the answer is Love, whatever the question, and that all the Love we give and receive comes from God's Heart.

Her belief that this faith of the heart lies at the core of all religions, uniting them, formed the basis for Peggy's strong working friendship with Paramhansa Yogananda. She depicts her time spent with the East Indian spiritual teacher in a surprisingly candid work, Thank You , Master, published by the Ananda Church of Self-Realization. 

The Faith which she shared with others throughout her lifetime is now part of the light which shines on us from Heaven.



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