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Kriya Yoga: An Instrument through Which Human Evolution Can Be Quickened: Paramhansa Yogananda on the Science of Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga Is an Ancient Science The science of Kriya Yoga, mentioned so often in these pages, became widely known in modern India through the instrumentality of Lahiri Mahasaya, my guru’s guru. T...

Why Reincarnation Is to Be Avoided

Why Reincarnation Is to Be Avoided As immortal soul-children of God, we must not be forced by the fruits of our own evil action to return to undesirable lives on earth. Our home is in omnipresence...

Becoming Your Best Self: A Sacred Invitation from Paramhansa Yogananda

You Are the Infinite, Which Has Become the Body Come out of your closed chamber of limitation. Breathe in the fresh air of vital thoughts. Exhale poisonous thoughts of disappointment, discontentme...

What Is the True Purpose of Sense Pleasures?

How to Be Happy All the Time by Paramhansa Yogananda The Purpose of Sense Pleasures The true purpose of life is to know God. Worldly temptations were given you to help you develop discrimination:...

Kriya Yoga and Freedom from Karma

Living Through the Ego, We Are Nothing but Puppets “Kriya Yoga is an instrument through which human evolution can be quickened.” Sri Yukteswar explained to his students . . . The life of an advan...

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