Chakras for Starters

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Explains in easy-to-understand terms what chakras are, the hidden power they contain, how to work with them, and describes the many benefits you will experience.

Unlock the Hidden Doors to Personal and Spiritual Growth

The chakras are the body's invisible energy centers that store information and distribute life force. When out of balance, they hold the root cause of a variety of physical illnesses, emotional disturbances, and general unhappiness with life. Understanding and awakening the chakras will help you achieve a state of well-being on every level.

Using the wisdom, techniques, and exercises in this book, you can increase your calmness and willpower, expand your heart and intuition, develop a greater sense of personal security and self-control, and experience spiritual transformation. This simplified, yet deeply meaningful, exploration of each chakra offers powerful keys to personal growth and inner peace.

Format: Paperback

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