Walking with William of Normandy

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Experience Yogananda's Past Life in France

Are you inspired by Paramhansa Yogananda? Have you enjoyed his Autobiography of a Yogi and other writings? If so, you may have visited his sites in California and in India. But—did you know that there are shrines in Europe where Yogananda's blessings can be felt? And those of his great guru, Sri Yukteswar? It's true! I've felt those blessings. And so have a select few who knew where to go. It all has to do with something Yogananda told his close disciples. The great yoga master said that, in a past life, he had been a Norman duke and British king. . . .

"[Paramhansa Yogananda] told us that, in a former incarnation, he had been William
the Conqueror." —from Conversations with Yogananda by Swami Kriyananda

He also said that Sri Yukteswar had incarnated as William's spiritual advisor, Lanfranc.

Powerful Blessings

When I heard about this, I was fascinated. My wife and I traveled to Normandy to visit places made famous by William and Lanfranc. We were overwhelmed by the powerful blessings we experienced there. And we would like to share those blessings with you. Many of these sites are only an hour or two by train from Paris. I encourage you to go there and meditate. Take that trip to France you've been dreaming about—and experience Yogananda's blessings at the same time! To help you plan and make your Normandy pilgrimage, I have written this guidebook, filled with hundreds of tidbits that will enrich your pilgrimage experience.

Inside you'll find

  • Firsthand descriptions of the most inspiring William the Conqueror sites in Normandy
  • Directions on how to get there, and site accessibility breakdown by train or car
  • Maps with William sites highlighted, and diagrams of important sites
  • Brief history lessons that enhance your appreciation of each site
  • Travel diary excerpts—to give you a sense of what you might experience
  • Photographs of William's castles, his tomb, his birthplace . . . and much more!

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