Kriya Yoga: Spiritual Awakening for the New Age

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Both instructive and inspiring, Kriya Yoga: Spiritual Awakening for the New Age can be the spark showing the aspiring devotee both how and why to take up the lifelong practice of Kriya Yoga. Learn the pitfalls to look out for along the way, and how to reach ultimate success on your journey to Self-realization.

Simultaneously, this book is a roadmap for the already practicing Kriya Yogi. Through real-life stories from longtime Kriyabans, learn those attitudes and practices that can help or hinder your progress on the spiritual path.

“I wasn’t sent to the West by Christ and the great masters of India,” Yogananda often told his audiences, “to dogmatize you with a new theology. Jesus himself asked Babaji to send someone here to teach you the science of Kriya Yoga, that people might learn how to commune with God directly. I want to help you toward the attainment of actual experience of Him, through your daily practice of Kriya Yoga.”

He added, “The time for knowing God has come!”

Format: Paperback

Customer Reviews

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Nefretete Rasheed
A Spiritual Triumph

A very uplifting, personal, and delightful book. There is so much rich and instructive content. Thank you so much, Nayaswami Devarshi. Jai Guru!

Gyandev McCord
Accessible and practical yet deep

This book has given a wonderful boost to my spiritual life. I'm seeing more than ever how the different practices and techniques and attitudes of Yoga all fit together. I'm a Kriyaban, but anyone will be able to gain tremendously from this book. Thank you, Nayaswami Devarshi.

Shirley Bauman
What an amazing book!

I read this and highlighted much that is in there! I immediately went back and started reading again! I don’t have words to describe the joy I feel! I just started on this path in January of this year, I know this book is invaluable for me! I’m so grateful!

R Stolzman
5 stars for the 5 pointed star of Kriya Yoga

Invaluable!!! an extremely useful and absolutely necessary book for this day and age; may it spread North South East and West!!!

A Spiritual Booster Shot

This book is wonderful for my spiritual journey. I re-read parts to absorb the wisdom (as I do with all books in our Path). It lights areas I forgot and reframes aspects I didn't realize needed attention. This book helps reignite the peaceful glow that leads to Spirit.

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