Awakening the Natural Love of the Heart

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Wisdom is productive only when it’s practical. Yet how often, when confronted with life’s endless dilemmas, have you asked the golden question: What is wise in this situation?

Indeed, when you do, you cultivate practical wisdom, especially if you not only ask the question but also train yourself to listen for the answer.

You may then become very successful, for wisdom breeds success on all levels. But true wisdom can only come if we ask an even more pertinent question underlying all our human striving: What is life all about?

Sri Yukteswar, a great yoga master who lived in India from 1855 until 1936, incarnated wisdom in its purest form and shared it freely with all who were sincerely seeking it.

He postulates, and then scientifically demonstrates, that the seed of Self-realization lies buried in one’s heart, that it is the heart’s natural love, a heavenly gift from Nature, that needs to unfold.

Thus, this sage asks us to recognize and overcome the inner tensions that impede this love from manifesting. And he gives us marvelous tools to do so.

Based on his teachings, this book includes stories of introspection and inner discoveries that, if you soulfully absorb their inspiration, will make your heart bloom like a lotus flower. Sri Yukteswar will then not fail to make good his promise: with this love fully developed, you are ready to move forward–with your life and with yourself–on the way to unconditional happiness.

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"Awakening the Natural Love of the Heart is a light shining in darkness. Based on a deep understanding of the Scriptures and especially the teachings of Swami Sri Yukteswar, the guru of Paramhansa Yogananda, this book offers us profound insight into the human mind and heart. It explores the qualities that impede our ability to love and accept others, as well as the stages of inner awakening of our consciousness. Finally, it offers practical steps one can use to reach our full inner potential and true happiness.

What I enjoyed most about the book are the personal stories and insights Darshan Lotichius shares about his own life journey towards inner awakening. It reads like a relaxed conversation with a wise, dear friend who can guide you toward finding a more meaningful, fulfilling life. In this time when life’s true values and purpose have become obscured in the world, Awakening the Natural Love of the Heart is like a roadmap to lasting happiness." —Nayaswami Devi, spiritual director of Ananda Worldwide, author of Faith is My Armor

"This book follows the fine tradition of scripture commentary, taking almost aphoristic statements by a great spiritual master, and drawing from those few, profound words a profound, practical understanding of how to use the wisdom of the Master to improve everyday life.  The scripture, although not yet world-renowned, is in every way worthy of the deep study and creative commentary this book presents. The Holy Science, by Swami Sri Yukteswar, is a profound work of divine revelation. And Darshan has done a great service to truth-seekers in making more accessible the life-changing teachings of this great yogi". —Asha Nayaswami, Speaker | Author | Truth-Seeker | Kriya Yoga Meditator

"What a great joy it was to finally feel the ‘heart’ of these priceless teachings shared in ways that make them easily accessible and applicable in all lives. I read this book in a day and then I reread it feeling as if a prayer had been answered. At the end I felt uplifted and full of joy; delighted and grateful. Thank you Darshan for sharing your wisdom as revealed to you by your teachers. Through you this grace will touch many lives.” —Shanti Rubenstone, MD, Co- Spiritual Director Ananda Palo Alto

“The author has distilled an otherwise dense and esoteric book, The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar, into its literal heart. He makes the great master's teachings accessible through clear and compelling prose and personal examples on how to awaken the inherent love of the heart. This love generates the energy that uplifts our awareness and expands our compassion for ourselves and all others. Should be required reading for all serious aspirants on the spiritual path.” —Linda Schoendienst, Software entrepreneur, author and speaker

"The writing is as genuine and heartfelt as the title. A deep thinker and a poet have created a book of beauty and insight. This is a manual for opening our hearts with an unusual tool: introspection. Discover and work through the (surprisingly) many hidden attitudes standing in the way of "the natural love of our heart." The raw self-honesty and personal stories are captivating — and motivating. An indispensable book for anyone on an inner spiritual journey." --Anaya Gamow, co-author, Lessons at the Feet of a Saint

“Introspection is an oft-overlooked faculty that’s well worth cultivating, as is brilliantly explained in Awakening. Drawing from the great spiritual heroes of recent eras, this engrossing and brilliantly presented read will give you further thought for your own inner growth.” --Lila Devi, author of 7 books, including The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, and founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences

"I loved reading this book; the style is warmly inviting and expresses deep truths in a way that is accessible and understandable.

I long to deepen my own journey of awakening the love of the heart more, and have felt challenged at times, from some of the bondages of the heart that are explored in this book. Some of the common stumbling blocks for opening our hearts are covered here, and in a way that although based on the science of yoga, are universally applicable to anyone who yearns to open their heart and work through the things that may be preventing them from doing so. The simplicity of the solutions is refreshing, and instills hope that healing is indeed possible. Opening our hearts opens us fully to life, and having the tools to do that is invaluable.

Filled with wisdom and personal insights and experience from the author, I have truly found this book very healing. It has also brought into the light the wisdom of Sri Yuktewar's book 'The Holy Science' where he writes of the obstacles to opening the heart, and which I haven't found easy to read and assimilate.
Thank you, I will be recommending this book to everyone!" --Nalini Deanne, minister of Ananda and cofounder of Ananda UK

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