Conscious Commuting CD

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This 2-CD set is designed to help you be more relaxed during your commute to and from work and be more productive while you are in your work environment. Consistent use will help you to concentrate more deeply, without tension or strain. You’ll be more able to stay calm and centered in challenging situations, which will allow you to make better decisions, maintain healthy and harmonious relationships, and be more solution-oriented.

Several tools will help you achieve these results. First: beautiful, uplifting music. Listening to it will result in a positive and expansive state of being: an antidote to stress and a major boost to success. Next: affirmations—powerful tools that can affect not only the conscious mind, but also the subconscious, dislodging stubborn and unhelpful mental habits. True affirmation is not “wishful thinking”: it is aligning yourself with a higher truth. Finally, you will also experience several relaxation techniques and guided visualizations. To get the most out of affirmations, repeat them with deep concentration. Focus at the point between the eyebrows, the seat of higher awareness in the body.

On Disc 1 you will be guided in repeating each affirmation loudly, to command the full attention of your conscious mind. You’ll then repeat it more quietly, absorbing more deeply the meaning of the words. Speaking it next in a whisper will carry the meaning into your subconscious. To finish, you’ll repeat it mentally, to deepen your absorption and make it fully your own. After you’ve finished repeating the guided affirmation, listen to the music, holding onto the peaceful state the music and affirmation have generated.

Disc 2 contains all the music from Disc 1, but without the guided affirmations and practices.


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