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The secret healing power of flowers as never before chronicled fills the content of this revised fourth edition audiobook version of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. First published 25 years ago, The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is available in 5 languages and used by Doctors Across Borders to train their physicians.

This is the first comprehensive guidebook of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences--the oldest flower essence line outside the U.K. where flower essences first began, since 1977.

Here, founder Lila Devi weaves an entertaining yet practical overview of this healing art (also see Flower Essences for Animals). Lila is a flower essence researcher, practitioner, lecturer, and seminar leader in the U.S. and abroad. Her background in psychology, education, and spirituality, combined with her sensitivity to Nature and healing, makes her one of the foremost flower essence experts in the world today.

To Develop Your Insight:

    • In-depth compilation of the Spirit-in-Nature Essences, including charts, illustrations and practical text, based on almost 45 years of case histories, testimonials, and research.
    • New vocabulary, making flower essences more accessible and understandable than ever: learn about your own signature essence.
    • Easy to use Cross-Reference Essence Index.

What the Audiobook Offers:

    • Fresh, profound insights into the subtleties of nature as read by the author.
    • The opportunity to connect more directly with these “gifts from the heart of nature” through the relaxed medium of listening.
    • Research shows that an audio book can uplift the mind and take your thoughts to a more positive mood, which is especially true with subject matter based on the expansive qualities of flowers and their essences.

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