Material Success Through Yoga Principles

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A 26-Week Home Study Course

by Swami Kriyananda

Are you satisfied with your life as it is? Do you want to keep pushing forward, armed only with grit and determination? Or would you like to learn how to align your will with the power of the universe?

This course can transform your life at its core. This is the opportunity that stands before you now.

The Material Success through Yoga Principles course is in a sense, an autobiography of perseverance and loyalty to principle until success is achieved. Swami Kriyananda’s own life is proof that these principles work. And the successful lives of thousands he has influenced show that these principles can be of benefit to anyone who learns and uses them.

Many people, Paramhansa Yogananda said, fail to succeed in life for lack of what he called “spiritual adventurousness.” Successful people are those who have the imagination, and the courage, to embrace new ways of doing things, even if others scoff, or turn away.


Lesson Titles:

  1. Dharma as the Key to Success
  2. How to Magnetize Money
  3. Knowledge, Inspiration, and Energy
  4. The Importance of Right Attitude
  5. What Is It, to Be Practical?
  6. First Things First
  7. Balancing Work and Meditation
  8. Immediate versus Long-Range Goals
  9. The Importance of Human Values
  10. How to Be a Good Leader
  11. Practicality in Investments
  12. What Kind of Compromises?
  13. Keep Your Feet on the Ground
  14. Working with Others
  15. Effectiveness as an Employer
  16. Being a Successful Employee
  17. The Importance of a Harmonious Environment
  18. Secrets of Effective Advertising
  19. Talk Less, Do More
  20. Joy in Business
  21. The Stages of Human Evolution
  22. Dharma versus Adharma, Truth versus Untruth
  23. God’s Place in the Business World
  24. What Should Your Line of Work Be?
  25. Creating Opportunities
  26. The Right use of Ego

Testimonials for Material Success Through Yoga Principles

“The Material Success Through Yoga Principles course has given me specific things to do in my business rather than just worrying and fretting when there’s uncertainty and stressful conditions. The techniques offered in this Material Success course have really helped me feel much more at peace with what is trying to happen. The lessons are the ultimate distillation of deep spiritual truths so concisely written that they bear repeated readings. Swami Kriyananda’s style of writing is so open and accessible, yet also deep and insightful, addressing truths not limited to outward material success. I feel I have gained the un- derstanding that I don’t have to ‘take on the whole world alone’ but rather I can now experience so much more joy and lightness in all areas of my business.”
—Scott Gallup, President and Chief Application Architect Ananda Consulting, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska
“From the very first lesson in the Material Success course, I knew I had tapped into teachings that were very relevant and immediately applicable to my work as a manager in a large government agency. I read (or, savored, as was more the case) each lesson at home, and then brought the handy booklet with me to work and kept it on my desk for reference and to remind me of the key points in that lesson. I could reflect on these while at work and feel immediately inspired and recharged. What I find amazing is that when each lesson arrived in the mail, the topic was one that dealt with an issue I had just been ponder- ing or struggling with. Most of all, receiving these lessons and applying the principles at work and in other areas of my life has brought ongo- ing inspiration and success. I highly recommend the Materials Success course for anyone interested in practicing spiritual principles in their material endeavors.”
—Russ Reece, Director, Corporate Planning Bureau California Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento, California      
Material Success Through Yoga Principles: Audiobook

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