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Calmness: the Secret to Ever-New Joy and Lasting Success

Calmness Leads to Peace, Harmony, and Success Many people know the way to peace and permanent happiness but are slow to follow it. They take lessons, then forget. Make use of your spiritual trai...

How to Get God to Reveal Himself

The Mind, Meditating Upon the Infinite, Becomes Unlimited Because of long concentration upon the little body and its necessities, the soul has forgotten ifs omnipresent nature. God is omnipresent....

How to Achieve the Highest Level of Success According to Paramhansa Yogananda

Align Yourself with God’s Ocean of Abundance Just as all power lies in His will, so all spiritual and material gifts flow from His boundless abundance. In order to align yourself with it, you must...

Yogananda's Secrets to Weight Loss and Radiant Health

Let Hunger Be Your Guide Eating three meals a day is a dangerous habit. Many are led to their graves quickly because they eat at the sound of the dinner bell. Ignore its ominous call if you are no...

Don't Settle for Less than Your Own Self-Realization

Don’t Settle for Less Than Total Absorption in God (8:15) Those great souls who love Me, and (out of love for Me) merge in My spirit, achieve the highest success (the only kind worth striving for)...

How to Develop Divine Magnetism and Attract Your Highest Good into Your Life

God’s Magnetism Flows Through Each of Us You should learn to be magnetic. Everybody possesses the power of magnetism, which is the power by which you draw things to you—the right husband, the righ...

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