Energization Exercises Poster

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A beautiful 22x17-inch poster with a glossy finish, with figures displaying each of the 39 Energization Exercises. This is an excellent way to keep yourself doing the exercises in the right order, and a quick reference on the correct way to do each one. You can hang this poster anywhere you exercise most often. You can also place one in your office for a midday recharge.

Format: Poster

Customer Reviews

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Judy Durham

When I was a beginner, it was extremey helpful in learning all the exercises. I don’t know what a beginner would do without one! Even 12 years later, I still occasionally forget “what’s next,” and a quick glance moves me right along.

Pamela Markley
Way too small. It is useless. Need to order larger size.

Way too small. Cannot use at all. Sorry.

Claudia Prana
A "Must Have!"

I love this! Beloved Guru and Swami on each side of the opening prayer and the step-by-step process of energization in simple graphics. It makes my practice easy and complete. Fabulous!

Julie Kramer

actually I have not opened it yet. waiting for time to do this.

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