30-Day Essentials for Marriage

Jyotish Novak

30-Day Essentials for Marriage

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Hardcover, 88 pages (6¼" x 6¼")
ISBN 978-1-56589-168-5
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Enrich the sacred union of your marriage. The inspirational ideas in this full color gift book are fun, simple ways to enhance your life together. Discover the essentials of a lasting relationship in just thirty days - one thought for each day of the month.

For most people marriage is a source of great fulfillment and yet, for many of us, sharing a life with a partner can present challenges. Whether your relationship is easy or difficult, the 30-Day Essentials for Marriage can help you improve your life together.

Featuring one inspiring piece of advice and one practical exercise per day, The 30-Day Essentials for Marriage is a useful, light-hearted, and eye-catching way for couples-whether engaged, newly married, or together for years-to quickly and gently deepen their relationship.

What Others Are Saying

"Marriage can present many challenges, and the 30 Day Essentials For Marriage is a simple handbook "tell all" on how to enrich the union of marriage. An impressive and reader friendly book which focuses on easy, simple ways for couples to enhance their lives together. The 30 Day Essentials for Marriage ranges from discovering the foundations of a lasting relationship, to imparting joy 'and is recommended for its loving pairing of words and color photos."

Midwest Book Review

"Jyotish Novak's latest book, 30 Day Essentials for Marriage, is full of delightful insights and beautiful photos that encourage the mind and heart to experience the full potential of human love. Novak offers one piece of advice and one exercise per day for couples to enhance their marriage. For example, day four is dedicated to the idea of expressing appreciation. Novak believes that appreciation helps love grow while criticism can act like a poison. He then offers this tip for the day, 'Tell your partner three things that you most appreciate about him or her.' . . . full of delightful metaphors and colorful photographs, and would make a great gift for newly married couples or those celebrating an anniversary."

True Story

"The 30-Day Essentials for Marriage is an inspired, step-by-step guide to establishing, renewing, or enhancing a new marriage with a strong foundation. Based on unusually deep understanding of the sacred mystical bond of marriage, it's a perfect gift for a partner, a newlywed couple, or sweethearts celebrating an anniversary. An inspiring passage and a practical exercise are offered for every day of the month. Packaged in a lovely four-color gift format."

East West Reviews

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