Vegetarian Cooking for Starters
Simple Recipes & Techniques for Health and Vitality

Diksha McCord (Blanche Agassy McCord)

Vegetarian Cooking for Starters

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Paperback, 131 pages (5½" x 6⅞")
ISBN 978-1-56589-153-1
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Learn How to Make Nutritious, Flavorful Meals Without Meat

Are you confused by the many different foods, theories, fads, and techniques championed by various proponents of healthy eating? In Vegetarian Cooking for Starters, Blanche McCord gives straightforward, easy-to-follow dietary advice, explains what common vegetarian foods are, offers immediately useful explanations on how to prepare vegetarian dishes, and includes simple, savory recipes that will quickly help you add vegetarian meals to your diet.

Most importantly, these low-fat recipes are delicious! Every recipe has been created with the help of thousands of taste-testers, assuring you that every dish will be both healthy and delectable.

Whether you'd like to become a complete vegetarian, incorporate some vegetarian eating into your current diet, or just learn how to cook vegetarian food for a loved one, this book is for you.

What Others Are Saying

"This brief, simple introduction [to vegetarian cooking] includes strong information on the spiritual beliefs of vegetarianism, as well as easy-to-follow recipes. [It] also offers practical information for cooks, such as the best ways to cook grains and legumes, how to prepare tofu, and different ways to dry roast nuts and seeds. True beginners will appreciate the fact that this primer assumes no previous knowledge or experience with vegetarian cooking."

Publishers Weekly

"Well-conceived and executed introduction to vegetarian fare, with an extra emphasis on nutrition, good taste and appearance. McCord supplements the expected section on recipes with opening, overview type chapters ('An Introduction to Vegetarianism' and 'The Plant Kingdom'), then moves into the practical realm with chapters like 'Foods to Buy and Tools You'll Need' and 'Essential Cooking Techniques.' Readers who may have always been curious about the non-meat lifestyle but otherwise too wary to explore their leanings further will not be disappointed by this beginner's peek."

The Boox Review

"An excellent introduction to the philosophy and basic techniques of vegetarian cooking. Highly recommended for newcomers to the vegetarian lifestyle and for their family and friends who want to cook for them."

Nancy Mair, author of Simply Vegetarian! and The Intimate Vegetarian