Through Many Lives
A Live Concert of Meditation in Music, Vocal & Instrumental

Swami Kriyananda, performed by The Harmony Duo (Ramesha Nani & Bhagavati Nani)

Through Many Lives

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CD, 56 minutes (Instrumental/New Age)
ISBN 798499504320
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In performing these pieces we have observed how this music—apparently so simple, harmonious and full of joy—has the power to affect consciousness and deeply transform the human spirit.

Written from a state of expanded consciousness, the intention of the music is to positively affect and transform. The vibrational quality of music, as many ancient peoples were acutely aware, has a profound effect on our energy system and can subtly alter, heal, and uplift.

Recorded live in Mountain View, California, this album conveys the peace and inspiration that the audience was lifted to throughout the performance. Each track will take you deeper and deeper into a state of calmness, bathing your soul in a fountain of inner joy.

Many commented afterward that, more than a concert, this was a meditation in music.

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