Mary Kretzmann has served as the director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry for nearly 30 years, which has furnished her with a unique opportunity to guide many around the world in techniques such as healing prayers and affirmations, visualizations, partial fasting, and more. Her work over these years has also included a number of “laying on of hands” healing sessions, drawn from the teachings of the great spiritual master Paramhansa Yogananda and of Jesus Christ.  

Many cases of instantaneous healing have occurred in her sessions: for example, a cure after ten years of chronic fatigue. Another person consulted Mary regarding a longstanding systemic infection that his doctors said could not be cured, but only controlled through ongoing, low-dose chemotherapy. That man’s session involved recovery from a deep past-life trauma; after his session, he was well.

Other cases of near-instantaneous healing include two young women who were cancer survivors. Their medical treatments had left them with many health problems. After one session each with Mary, their health was much improved and their menstrual cycles returned.

Mary has seen the power of invoking Psalm 23, as a tool to help clients open to God’s healing grace, and to direct energy into the particular chakra that correlates to their physical and emotional issues.

These same principles have brought healing from deep emotional wounds, whether they originate in this life or in a previous existence. Post-traumatic stress can reverberate through lifetimes, if the trauma was harrowing. Many people have told the author that “One session with you helped me much more than years of therapy.”

This book chronicles Mary’s healing experience and insights, and serves as a guidebook for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating area of spiritual service.

Mary Kretzmann

Mary Kretzmann has served for many years on the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, including extensive counseling, writing, teaching, and energy healing. Her experience has served to deepen her natural, intuitive understanding of spiritual healing, and her ability to guide others in taking their own powerful steps in self-healing.

Mary moved to Ananda Village in 1978, and with her husband, Tim, raised their family of three children. In her early years at Ananda, she began to explore Yogananda's healing techniques very deeply with a small, dedicated group who were praying for others. She felt inspired to put more energy into this healing ministry, developing it from its humble beginnings into what is now the Ananda Healing Prayer Council with over 650 members worldwide. Each of these members receive a list of three people to pray for each month.

Mary shares her insights and inspirations through the classes she teaches on Energy Healing Techniques. She is an active blogger on healing and family issues on Scribd. Her website is Finding God in Your Family.

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Early Healing Sessions
Healing Old Wounds
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   Prayers for Prevention
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Assigning Spiritual Homework
Using Psalm 23 in a Healing Session
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