A treasure trove of the Divine Will Healing techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda: the Yogic System For Supreme Health of Body, Mind and Spirit from his original teachings.

This booklet was created as a resource to accompany the Ananda 5-day seminar Yogananda’s healing techniques and is now a useful resource for anyone who would apply these teachings with sincerity and devotion both for their own healing, and for the healing benefit of others.

Mary Kretzmann

Mary Kretzmann has served for many years on the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry, including extensive counseling, writing, teaching, and energy healing. Her experience has served to deepen her natural, intuitive understanding of spiritual healing, and her ability to guide others in taking their own powerful steps in self-healing.

Mary moved to Ananda Village in 1978, and with her husband, Tim, raised their family of three children. In her early years at Ananda, she began to explore Yogananda's healing techniques very deeply with a small, dedicated group who were praying for others. She felt inspired to put more energy into this healing ministry, developing it from its humble beginnings into what is now the Ananda Healing Prayer Council with over 650 members worldwide. Each of these members receive a list of three people to pray for each month.

Mary shares her insights and inspirations through the classes she teaches on Energy Healing Techniques. She is an active blogger on healing and family issues on Scribd. Her website is Finding God in Your Family.

1. Dynamic Rules of Health

2. Spiritual Qualities of Foods

3. The Divine Magnetic Diet

4. Important Energizing Exercises (Praecepta lesson #34)

5. The Law of Divine Healing – Part I

6. The Law of Divine Healing – Part II

7. The Law of Divine Healing – Part III

8. Vibratory Healing

9. The Art of Spiritual Healing

10. Techniques for Healing at a Distance

11. Will Draws Energy from the Cosmos into the Body

12. General tools for developing health in body, mind and spirit

13. The Eight Aspects of God from The Essence of Self-Realization

14. The Power of Thought, Will and Karma, from Essence of Self-Realization

15. The Second Coming of Christ: The Healing Power of Thought

16. The Second Coming of Christ: How Christ Healed

All articles in this book are from the original writings of Paramhansa Yogananda unless other wise noted.

This booklet was created as a resource to accompany my 5-day seminar on The Divine Will Healing Techniques of Paramhansa Yogananda.
However, it is also a useful resource for anyone who would apply these teachings with sincerity and devotion both for their own healing,
and for the healing benefit of others.

I have served as the director of the Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry since 1989, and the information that I have
compiled in this book has been of great help in assisting those who approach us for prayers for healing in body, mind and spirit.

Paramhansa Yogananda stated that "Healing depends on the power of the healer and the receptivity of the patient."
One can increase that receptivity through opening one’s heart to God, and by taking simple, yet powerful steps toward
improving one’s condition, whether that suffering or lack is in the body, mind, relationships, material concerns or spiritual life.

I often open my healing classes by saying, "The most important question to ask in any healing matter is, ‘How can I
apply positive energy to this situation?’" May you find practical answers within these pages.

Also, a very important tool of healing is the Energization Exercises which one can learn through the Ananda Course
in Self Realization. Paramhansa Yogananda developed these exercises and made very strong references to their healing benefit
for body, mind and soul. In fact, we have heard of two stories in which people came back from full body paralysis by doing
the exercises mentally.

So, there is much for us all to discover along the way! The important thing is to begin by taking a positive step.
Something simple yet extremely powerful and effective is to memorize a suitable affirmation from Paramhansa Yogananda’s book,
Scientific Healing Affirmations (available in most bookstores). Do it with the power and dynamism that you will learn
about in this book. Your thoughts, as they become powerful and focused, can heal you. Read his words on healing as contained
in Scientific Healing Affirmations and in this volume that you now hold.

As you apply this knowledge you will find yourself
on a lifelong journey of Divine Will Healing, both for yourself and for the benefit of others.