Experience extensive and convincing historical evidence of reincarnation. Abraham Lincoln’s history ceased with his tragic assassination – but did his story really end there? According to the great master of yoga—Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the bestselling classic, Autobiography of a Yogi—Lincoln came back as the 20th century hero, Charles Lindbergh. Discover nearly 500 fascinating similarities and connections between these two men—proof of past lives in the pages of history. Are the hidden laws of karma and reincarnation affecting you? Learn about reincarnation and how it works in daily life with Abe Lincoln as your guide.

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Yogananda on the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln

Richard Salva

Richard Salva is a 35-year expert on reincarnation and yoga philosophy, and has lectured in the United States and in Europe. He has appeared on television and NPR, Clear Channel, and CBS radio. He recently addressed the annual conference of the International Association for Past-Life Regression Research and Therapies. He is a longtime member and minister of Ananda Sangha.

Richard's books, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers, include The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln (an in-depth historical study of reincarnation, based on a statement by Paramhansa Yogananda—that Abraham Lincoln had been an advanced Himalayan yogi in a past life, and that he was reborn as the great aviator, Charles Lindbergh) and Walking with William of Normandy (a pilgrimage guide to the Normandy sites of William the Conqueror, who was Yogananda in a past life).



1. Soul Journey

2. The Past-Life Clues Revealed

Part I: From Lincoln to Lindbergh

3. Two Bodies, One Spirit

4. Roots

5. Little Falls

6. Washington, D.C.

7. The Army and the Airmail

8. The Flight

9. Two Processions

10. Coming Home

11. The Price of Fame

12. Anne

13. Marriage

14. Odes of the Spirit

15. Rumors of War

16. The Pull of the Past

17. Releasing the Mantle

18. The Patriot

19. The Family Man

20. The Later Years

21. The Infinite Blue

Part II: From Brahma to Abraham (Lincoln)

22. Honest Abe

23. Renunciation

24. Connecting the Dots

25. Heart and Soul

26. Mind over Matter

27. The Inner World

28. The Yogi and Emancipation

29. The Branch Paths of Yoga

30. The Teachings of India

31. Caves and Clothes

32. Family Ties

33. The Wandering Monk

34. Whispers from the Past

35. The Obsession

36. Meditations


Is it possible to find evidence for reincarnation in history books? Does proof of past lives lie hidden in dusty texts, waiting to be discovered?

Are metaphysical laws working themselves out through the great events of history? Did karmic imperatives manifest through the Civil War, or Lindbergh’s historic flight over the Atlantic?

To bring light to these questions and others, I offer this comparative study of two of the most celebrated men in history. (The basis for this study is given in Chapter One.)

When I began this comparison, I thought I might find a few interesting connections between these two men. What I discovered was simply stunning—nearly 500 similarities between Lincoln and Lindbergh, including hundreds of fascinating ties between both men and the ancient spiritual science of yoga.

The more I worked on this book, the more I realized that this was a story waiting to be told: a secret metaphysical story about two famous individuals.

But this book is not only about Lincoln and Lindbergh; it is about what happens to you and me when we reincarnate. What do we bring with us from life to life? What do we leave behind? How do our past-life memories affect us? This unique account of Lincoln reincarnating as Lindbergh, along with a past life as a Himalayan yogi, gives us unexpected and thought-provoking answers.

By reading the past-life ties between famous people, we can learn more about the connections in our own lives, for the principles of reincarnation, if they exist, must function just the same for famous people as they do for you and me. This particular study is especially informative, given the wealth of information about both men.

In Part One of this book, we explore karmic links between Lincoln and Lindbergh through chronological excerpts from the life of Lindbergh, with appropriate Lincoln anecdotes interspersed.

In Part Two, we consider yogic connections in the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh by means of a quick tour through the teachings of yoga, with appropriate Lincoln and Lindbergh anecdotes interspersed.

All of the Lincoln and Lindbergh quotations and anecdotes are derived from their histories and their actual words. Every detail related to Himalayan yogis is based on their lifestyle and the ancient spiritual science of yoga.

For the yogic teachings, I relied heavily on the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda, published by Crystal Clarity Publishers in Nevada City, California.

For excerpts from Lindbergh’s writings, I kept the wording exact; for Lincoln, and Lincoln sources, I often edited the original text for clarity or brevity, without changing the meaning. For both characters, I sometimes combined things said at different times to emphasize a recurring trend of thought. At times, I portrayed individuals speaking or thinking words they had written.

The reader may notice that the Lincoln anecdotes are supported by more direct quotations than the Lindbergh ones. This is only natural, since everything Lindbergh wrote is protected by copyright. If you would like to explore further these Lincoln-Lindbergh connections, consult the endnotes and bibliography in the back of the book.

Chapter One: Soul Journey

“Abraham Lincoln [in a past life] had been a yogi in the Himalayas who died with a desire to help bring about racial equality. His birth as Lincoln was for the purpose of fulfilling that desire. He has come back again in [the twentieth] century as Charles Lindbergh.”

This statement was made by Paramhansa Yogananda, a master of yoga and one of the pioneer teachers of meditation in the West (best known for his spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi).

I first read these words in 1977 when they were published in Swami Kriyananda’s autobiography, The Path. Twenty years later they returned to my mind, and I wondered, considering the wealth of historical detail recorded from the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh, what hard evidence existed to support Yogananda’s words. I felt that my own, extensive study and practice of the teachings of Himalayan yogis would aid my search.

The results of that search are in your hands. In this book I draw hundreds of connections that span every aspect of human individuality, connections that link Abraham Lincoln with Charles Lindbergh and the lifestyle of Himalayan yogis. Not only that, but the connections demonstrate how past lives affect you and me in countless ways on a daily basis, and how we evolve in wisdom as our souls make the journey from lifetime to lifetime.

Was Yogananda right? Was Abraham Lincoln a Himalayan yogi in a past life? And did he return to his beloved America as Charles Lindbergh?

I don’t ask you to accept what Yogananda said at face value. Read this book, weigh the facts, and make your own judgment.

Accepted into the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

As seen on television

Featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, and The Hindustan Times, and on NPR, Clear Channel, and CBS Radio

"Five Stars"

Foreword Clarion Reviews

"Five Stars"

Midwest Book Review

"Five Stars"


"Truth, it is frequently said, is stranger than fiction. Few books have made the case more persuasively than this one. About fifty years ago a great master of yoga declared that Abraham Lincoln had been an advanced yogi in a previous life, and that he reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh. Richard Salva saw in this statement a mystery as fascinating as any our best novelists could dream up. In this book he delves into all that’s known about these two celebrated men, and unearths a remarkable array of similarities between them. The psychological portraits he draws will be controversial, but they’re creatively argued, and well defended. Mr. Salva has produced a most unusual and thought-provoking book, and has succeeded admirably in his effort to present the material in such a way that the reader can draw his own conclusions."

"This book deserves to become a classic."

Swami Kriyananda, author of Conversations with Yogananda and The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda

"This book is one of the best explorations of reincarnation that I’ve ever read. Usually this subject is presented ponderously, in a vague way or as an attempt to “prove” that it is real. Mr. Salva’s book brings reincarnation alive! It shows, in a delightful way, how the central consciousness and qualities remain much the same from life to life. [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] looks at how a single soul expressed itself in the lives of two great Americans. It also contains a wealth of information on two of the most fascinating characters in American history. I highly recommend it."

John (Jyotish) Novak, author of How to Meditate

"A fascinating account that weaves known history and higher consciousness to show us how the law of karma unfolds the story of life on mystic layers of transformation. The book has much wisdom and insight, encouraging us to take a deeper look at not only the world but our own individual lives and destinies."

Dr. David Frawley, author of Yoga and the Sacred Fire

"Abraham Lincoln was an advanced Himalayan yogi in a past life, and he reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh—this statement is attributed to the great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. In [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh], Richard Salva inquires into this possibility by taking a close look at Lincoln and Lindbergh and comparing many dimensions and details of their lives. Episode by episode, through their ideas, words, points of view, behavior, character, adventures, ambitions and accomplishments, the author builds a compelling case study. His presentation, far beyond the realm of coincidence or superficial likeness, supports the phenomenon of reincarnation as well as the validity of this particular instance. The details of the life stories of Lincoln and Lindbergh are fascinating in themselves and gain additional interest from the mystery of their possible life-to-life connection.

"Part Two of the book presents the basic components of yoga and the ways in which these can be related to the great emancipator and the dashing aviator. Drawing from the eight stages of yoga enunciated by the sage Patanjali, the author relates each stage to intimate details of the two lives. In the process, readers learn a good deal about yoga, yogis, karma and reincarnation. Overall, the book takes its place as a fascinating study of reincarnation, the exhaustion of karma and the transformation of the human being."

Light of Consciousness Magazine

"It is the premise of [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] by Richard Salva (an author, minister, and for more than thirty years a dedicated student of yoga . . .) that Abraham Lincoln was, in a former life, a Himalyan yogi of advanced spiritual attainment, and that after his assassination at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, was reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh. [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] presents hundreds of similarities in the personalities, character, and life circumstances between Lincoln and Lindbergh, presenting an articulate, documented, persuasively iconoclastic argument that offers a unique and compelling reassessment of their lives, accomplishments, and coincidences. [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] will be of very special interest to Metaphysical Studies collections in general, and students of reincarnation in particular."

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of Midwest Book Review

"A must-read for individuals interested in exploring life after death and past lives. A fascinating and intriguing account!"


"What happens to us when we die? Does our consciousness simply snuff out, or is there more to life after life is finished? "[Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is a book about reincarnation, using a unique theory: that Abraham Lincoln might have reincarnated as Charles Lindbergh. "While at first glance one might have reservations about such a radical idea, author Richard Salva painstakingly and exhaustively takes the reader on a spiritual adventure, comparing the lives of the president and the famous flyer, and makes a very strong, convincing argument in favor of his theory, in terms of life events, similar thought processes and reactions to life experiences, and even similarity of names. The theory behind the book was inspired by the words of yoga master Paramhansa Yogananda. "Point by point, Salva, an author and minister, brings up parallel scenes from the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh. In a very convincing chapter, Salva compares the two great men’s ladies: Lincoln’s Ann Rutledge, who died before they could be married, and Lindbergh’s Anne Morrow: each was a delicate beauty with dark hair and blue eyes, each petite at five foot-two, each woman twenty-two to the suitor’s twenty-six. Salva discusses how the disappointment of Rutledge’s death and the following, less-than-happy marriage to the emotionally unstable Mary Todd Lincoln, might have found its fulfilment in the happier, more stable marriage of Lindbergh and Anne Morrow. "Certainly the whole cycle of reincarnation as it applies to the rest of us is addressed in a brilliant way. Comparing the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh is a marvelously educational model of the theory of reincarnation at work. Salva discusses how a soul may not necessarily incrementally improve in each lifetime, but may slip back a bit here and there, like a line on a ‘reasonably successful business’s financial chart.’ He describes the life of Charles Lindbergh as ‘Lincoln on vacation.’ Fascinating glimpses of the spiritual lives of these men emerge, and the gift of the author is to make the reader feel as if he knows these great men intimately. At one point, the author offers a comparison of a quote of Lincoln’s ‘The world shall know that I keep my faith to my friends and enemies, come what will,’ as a heartrending parallel to Lindbergh’s refusal to use marked bills in order to keep faith with his son’s kidnappers. "The author offers so many fascinating ideas and aspects of the two men’s lives that the reader will probably want to continue investigating on his or her own. Salva has included a bibliography of source material just in case the reader chooses to do just that. "Even those who do not subscribe to the idea of reincarnation will find the book most rewarding for the extensive historical work that Salva has achieved. Historians as well as those on a spiritual path will enjoy and learn from this fascinating, consciousness-expanding book."

Kathleen Youmans, Foreword Clarion Reviews

"If the theory of reincarnation is true, one recurring question that torments most of us is, who were we in our previous lives. Many people use hypnotic regression of the mind to find an answer; many visit ancient art galleries hoping to find a resemblance of their faces, especially eyes, in the portraits of people that lived ages ago; others take recourse to yogic meditation, but a definite answer is hard to come by. "Paramhansa Yogananda, a master of yoga and one of the pioneer teachers of meditation in the West, made a statement once, ‘Abraham Lincoln had been a yogi in the Himalayas who died with a desire to help bring about racial equality. His birth as Lincoln was for the purpose of fulfilling that desire. He has come back again (in the 20th century) as Charles Lindbergh.’ "This statement made a great impact on Richard Salva. After an extensive study of the historical detail on the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh, dovetailed with his own 30-years practice of the teachings of Himalayan yogis, Richard created one unstoppable read of reincarnation in his [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh]. "Salva, along with many researchers on reincarnation, believes the physical attributes of a person may change from one life to another; the conscious mind does not remember anything of the past; but the undying soul carries with it the quintessential traits of the person, the “subconscious images of familiar experiences” – everything we do in one life gets etched on our subconscious self and journeys with us to the next life. "In this book he gives a fascinating account of one such soul that journeys from the life of a Himalayan yogi, to becoming American President, Abraham Lincoln, and subsequently an aviator – one of the first to fly across the Atlantic in the person of Charles Lindbergh. "Part One of the book enumerates the uncanny resemblance between these two great Americans. Initially the anecdotes from their lives may seem a little far-fetched and may raise eyebrows but as one reads on one realizes that innumerable incidents and happenings can certainly not be ticked off as mere coincidence. Truly, they were two bodies, one spirit. "Part Two of the book explores the signs of yogic development in the lives of these two great men – especially, their adherence to dharma, reincarnation, karma, self-detachment, and other basic doctrines of Hinduism. Despite their striking similarities, Lindbergh fell short of Lincoln’s lofty standards. For instance, his secret second family in Europe. However, this is logically and satisfactorily explained by the soul’s growth chart right at the outset of the book, and as Richard admiringly puts it, ‘Lindbergh was Lincoln on vacation’."

Soma B. Das, Hinduism.about.com

"Richard Salva’s book, [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is an original volume in the field of reincarnation studies. Never before has there been such a detailed and meticulously researched examination of how the uncompleted dreams, desires, and resonances of previous lives set the karmic pattern for future ones. For those who are interested in delving deeper into the inner workings of karma and reincarnation to understand how precisely the past influences the present and creates the future, this book is a must read. For it offers a rare glimpse into the greater truths of our existence which can only expand mind and heart as it touches the Soul."

Ellen Mogensen, host of www.healpastlives.com, and author of many reincarnation books

"Richard Salva is delightful, informative, and absolutely inspiring. His eight years of research into the enigma of the parallels between the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh sheds a profound light on the subject of reincarnation, soul essence and continuation, and the divine method of our transformation. Soul Journey is a highly entertaining page turner, with sincere bumps and chills as you remember his information is archival. One of the most enjoyable interviews I have done in over ten years!"

Nancy Lee, radio host, psychotherapist, and author of Awakening the Mystic and Voices of Light

"Richard Salva is one of the most compelling and knowledgeable guests it has been my pleasure to ever have on my radio shows. His book, [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is the best written book I have seen on the topic of reincarnation, karma, and understanding the nature and progression of spiritual growth. HIs book is a must read for anyone who has ever wondered about reincarnation."

Vaishali, radio host and author of You Are What You Love

"The author not only provides a compelling case for reincarnation, but also provides a fascinating look through the lives of the two men, taking you on a journey through the soul and through history, and covering their participation in some of America’s most significant events. "Even if you aren’t convinced about reincarnation, the book still provides a fantastic history lesson, and will undoubtedly teach you a lot about Lincoln and Lindbergh that you didn’t know already. The book consists of pairs of stories, each covering one of the two men and then followed by a comparable story about the other. This layout makes the book very approachable, and I found myself picking it up when I had a spare moment to read another couple of stories. [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is recommended reading to anyone who has an interest in reincarnation of the soul, but anyone who isn’t convinced by this aspect will still find the book a fascinating look into the lives of the two men."

Gareth Innes, host of Unexplained Mysteries

"[Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is a fact-finding study undertaken by Richard Salva. This books stands on solid ground in its mission to discover the connections between Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh. . . . I appreciated the plain, clear language Richard Salva used to show the connections between these two American giants in history. I enjoyed the great read this book brings on the subject of these two men, and Mr. Salva has earned my respect in his findings regarding the connections he has uncovered. I suggest that anyone who cares to know more about these two figures, Lincoln and Lindbergh, read [this book]. My hat’s off to Richard Salva, whose book would make a great movie as well."

Robert Bartel, award winning documentary producer and writer

"Richard Salva has written a splendid and thought-provoking book, [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] where he provides compelling evidence that Charles Lindbergh is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln . . . and that reincarnation itself is evident. "Taking the statement made by Paramhansa Yogananda: ‘Abraham Lincoln [in a past life] had been a yogi in the Himalayas who died with a desire to help bring about racial equality. His birth as Lincoln was for the purpose of fulfilling that desire. He has come back again in [the twentieth] century as Charles Lindbergh’–Salva was led by an inner calling to chronicle the details of the lives of these two well-known individuals. What he has written more than provides validation of Yogananda’s statement as irrefutable. "Because both of these men were very well known, it was easy to acquire a wealth of data on each man’s life—thus providing a straightforward and exquisitely detailed chronicle of the similarities between Lincoln and Lindbergh that are uncanny—even down to the most intricate details of their lives! "So what’s the point in all of this? Besides providing proof and teaching us a lot about the practical truths of reincarnation and karma, it also brings us to the clear realisation that life is, indeed, eternal and that physical death only leads to another cycle of experience, growth and self-realisation."

Rev. Juliet Nightingale, multiple NDEr and radio host

"Richard Salva deftly juxtaposes hundreds of intricate details of Abraham Lincoln’s life with the intricate details of Charles Lindbergh’s life in his book, [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh]. "Salva leaves no aspect of the human condition of both these men’s lives to the imagination—from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal to their shared likes, dislikes and travails. Salva’s skillful forensic depth using quotes and anecdotes derived from their histories and words will compel people to think that if Lindbergh weren’t Lincoln reborn, he should have been. . . . "Salva includes a value added bonus with an extensive source list, for those who want to conduct forensic research on these two great leaders. "[Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is a must read for both believers and skeptics."

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, President of the International Association for [Past Life] Regression Research & Therapies, Inc.

"Richard Salva presents a remarkable study of two of America’s most heroic figures—men of different centuries and seemingly distant dreams—whose histories, until now, have never been so profoundly and convincingly joined. His research into the characteristics and myriad similarities revealed in Lincoln’s and Lindbergh’s lives is detailed with the depth and detective work of a Sherlock Holmes whodunit. Enroute to this book’s overarching conclusion, Salva also imparts a provocative insight into the teachings and methods of Eastern yoga, exploring its ancient ideals as reflected in the feelings, thoughts, and actions of these two extraordinary men. But the reader is finally left to ponder the evidence of his findings. To those who question the soul’s journey of countless incarnations and karmic tests, this book may prove to erase all shadows of doubt."

James Conti, co-manager of East West Bookstore

"[A] fascinating and intriguing book. . . . [Mr. Salva’s] investigation is remarkably thorough and [he does] an excellent job of presenting [his] thesis."

Brad Steiger, author of Revelation: The Divine Fire

Sherry Steiger, author of Face to Face with the Unknown

"[Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] by Richard Salva, is an excellent book. "Salva places historical facts about Lincoln and Lindbergh, plus their own words, side-by-side to reveal the journey of one soul. The comparison between the two men is fascinating; in addition, their soul journey reveals much about the process of reincarnation and karma. "Salva presents the facts, then allows you to come to your own conclusions and to learn about your own soul journey at the same time.”

Nancy Detweiler, minister and author

"Was Charles Lindbergh a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, who in turn had been a Himalayan yogi in a previous lifetime? I suggest you let Richard Salva convince you of the truth of Paramhansa Yogananda’s amazing revelation about these great heroes. He certainly convinced me! This unusual and carefully researched work will fascinate history lovers, yogis, and everyone else who reads it.

Savitri Simpson, author of Chakras for Starters

"Here is a unique and delightfully creative journey through history, human greatness, and yoga. As he offers insightful and intriguing portrayals of the noble characters of Lincoln and Lindbergh—and making a convincing case for their having been incarnations of the same soul—Mr. Salva also manages to present the essential principles of yoga in a clear, down-to-earth fashion. That’s quite an accomplishment."

Gyandev McCord, author of Yoga for Starters

"I was interested, of course, in the evidence for reincarnation—of which there’s a bundle in the book. But what really drew me in was the loving, clear skill with which Mr. Salva brings Lincoln and Lindbergh forward as great men. I found the similarities between their lives surely fascinating, but even more enriching was the unbroken feeling of being in the presence of a great and wonderful soul. I felt, ‘This is a book that I can return to for inspiration again and again.’"

Rambhakta Beinhorn, author of Fitness Intuition

"[Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] is very difficult to put down! From beginning to end, the author captivates the reader and provokes the imagination. "It is an extremely interesting account of two very fascinating lives. Author Richard Salva offers an entertaining and well-researched narrative of both of these famous lives, giving unparalleled insight into the past as well as hope for the future. "As a believer in reincarnation, I have always felt that John F. Kennedy was the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. But, Richard Salva does make some very thought-provoking points in his book that will make the reader sit up and take notice. "Both believers and non-believers in reincarnation will find this book completely enthralling. Richard Salva is a talented and compelling writer and I would love to see more from this author."

Cheryl Kravetz, media book reviewer

"Many fascinating books have been written about reincarnation, but none with such an intriguing premise as this one. Reams of historical fact back up the thesis that the same spirit inhabited both bodies. A marvelous mystery, meticulously researched, intelligently written, utterly entertaining. Includes many lesser-known stories about both men, and the amazing synchronicity in their seemingly different lives. For fans of Lincoln, Lindbergh, or reincarnation, this book is a treasure."

Asha Praver, author of Swami Kriyananda: As We Have Known Him

"With dexterity and an amazing attention to detail, Mr. Salva has given a fascinating account of the soul connection between Lincoln and Lindbergh. Referencing the yogic truths from the ancient wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda, he substantiates the reincarnational link of these two great historic figures. A riveting read . . . !"

Lila Devi, author of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook

"A fascinating book. I especially liked the photos of Lincoln and Lindbergh. You can really see the same soul looking out through the eyes of both men."

Jeff Massie, distant relative of Abraham Lincoln

"Richard Salva, author of [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh], has made a compelling argument in his carefully researched book about Lincoln’s reincarnation as Lindbergh. Originally this specific insight came from Yogananda to Kriyananda many years ago. As a child I had such memories of past lives, and I know from personal experience that reincarnation is a reality. As a student with three great spiritual teachers for over 35 years I know and have come to respect that insights from such Masters are often true. "I would encourage any serious student of spirituality and reincarnation to read Richard’s book and judge for yourself the details of the possibility that Lindbergh was Lincoln . You will find it a fascinating subject and this book a compelling read. Certainly it is an important subject that deserves careful and thoughtful consideration."

Dr. James Weldon – Rishi Yogadhi Pragya, founder of Santosha Village and author of The Secret Journey of The Enlightened Mind – Life With Three Spiritual Giants of our Age

"A highly researched comparison between the lives of Lincoln and Lindbergh. I was surprised by many of the facts of their private lives that seemed to have escaped the history books. [Whether] you believe in reincarnation or not, this book will give you insight into two amazing lives, or should I say, one remarkable soul."

Jeffrey J. Keene, author of Someone Else’s Yesterday: The Confederate General and Connecticut Yankee: A Past Life Revealed

"Because of the large amount of historical information about Lincoln and Lindbergh, [Mr. Salva] was able to discover many, many remarkable parallels in the lives of these two extremely well-known Americans. Using his many years experience as a student of yogi philosophy, [he] also was able to demonstrate how Lincoln and Lindbergh both showed the beneficial lessons gained during the lifetime as a great Himalayan yogi. Therefore [Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh] not only is interesting as a book on reincarnation, karma, and what it takes to do something truly great in this world–but also on the core morality of universal yoga philosophy as applied to the modern world-scene."

Lorne Dekun, minister

"Fascinating as it compares the lifetimes of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh, giving nearly 500 similarities in their personalities, characters, and life circumstances. Salva takes all of this a step further and gives his readers information that can be applied to our own lives in terms of having greater understanding and clarity about why we’re here and how reincarnation fits into the bigger picture of life."

Krysta Gibson, New Spirit Journal