What is an ideal garden, and how can it be created? Discover how you can create a garden as a channel for your love, imagination, and attunement to nature, and one that brings you ever-deepening respect for all life. Learn how to design a garden that will give you more balance and harmony in your life, a garden that will nurture your spirit and fulfill your personal needs.

Nancy Mair

Nancy Mair is an accomplished cooking instructor and professional caterer with more than twenty-five years experience. She co-wrote the renowned cookbook, Simply Vegetarian!, is author of The Intimate Vegatarian and penned a cooking column in Clarity Magazine for three years.

A vegetarian for more than twenty years, Nancy has offered group and individual cooking instruction, helping others to implement a sophisticated style of preparing vegetarian meals. Nancy has also traveled extensively throughout the world to sample and develop regional dishes from different cultures. Her vivid memories and wide ranging experiences have enhanced her creativity and added a unique perspective to her writing.

Formerly a flight instructor and commercial pilot for hot-air balloons, volunteer fire-fighter, advanced first aid instructor, and free-style skier, Nancy now spends her time cooking, writing, and working as a professional landscape designer.

"Professional landscape designer Nancy Mair presents The Spirit of Gardening, a simple and sweet guide to helping one’s garden come vibrantly alive in a manner most pleasing to the eye. The Spirit of Gardening will prove more useful to gardeners with a modicum of experience, as it focuses less on basic seed planting and watering instructions (although garden maintenance issues are most certainly not neglected), and more on elements of visual style, color coordination, walkway construction, and overall design. Eye-catching full color photography throughout is sure to provide dazzling inspiration even to experienced and accomplished gardeners. A beautiful book featuring thoughtful advice."

Midwest Book Review