In this spellbinding saga, you will join Sabella Lovingheart as she travels through the Valley of the Seven Golden Pyramids—each of which represents one of the seven chakras. Guided by her powerful mentors, Sabella faces amazing psychological and spiritual adventures in the first six pyramids, preparing her to enter the liberating seventh-chakra pyramid and the goal of her inner quest.

Clear information about the chakras—literally, whirling spheres of inner energy—is woven throughout the plot, adding depth and inspiration to your fun-filled romp through a land of undreamed-of possibilities. Enjoy your journey!

Savitri Simpson

Savitri Simpson has taught classes and workshops on the chakras, yoga, meditation, and many other related topics for over 30 years. She has served as a counselor, minister, and teacher at The Expanding Light Retreat Center, where she also served as the director of the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program and founder/director of the Ananda Meditation Teacher Program.

She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Baylor University, and is the author of several books, including Chakras for Starters, Through Many Lives, Through the Chakras, and The Meaning of Dreaming. In addition to her primary devotion to yoga, meditation, and all related subjects, she is a musician, herb gardener, gourmet cook, and nature lover. She lives with her husband, Sudarshan, in a geodesic dome-home at Ananda Village, near Nevada City, California.

Through the Chakras


Through the Chakras

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Through the Chakras: A Tale of Adventure in the Seven Golden Pyramids

Chapter Nine

“Sabella, what do you understand about what you are being asked to do?” Solonar asked.

“I believe that I am being asked to enter and explore each of the seven golden chakra pyramids, from the first to the seventh, in order to understand the seven chakras within myself and within everyone. Then I will do my best to transmit what I have experienced to students in the Halls of Wisdom. Would I, at some later time, be bringing students here for their own similar pilgrimages?”

“That remains to be seen,” replied Issoweet. In truth, we are not yet sure. It depends on how you respond to your adventures. These chakra pyramids are places of very high energy and not everyone is ready to deal with such energy at their present level of development.”

“There’s that word again: ‘adventures.’ The way you say it, Issoweet, it sounds a bit ominous. What do you mean by it?”

This time Solonar answered her with a smile: “All of life is an adventure—you know that very well, Sabella.”

“Insufficient answer!” Sabella said back, with a wry smile. “I want to know exactly what I’ll be facing upon entering these giant golden pyramids, such as the first one that I see close by!”

“Exactly, I can’t say. For each pilgrim is different in the way he or she responds to a journey through the chakra pyramids. It depends a great deal on who you are, how strong you are in your spirit, and how your own chakra system responds. For in a very real way, this is both an inner and outer journey of discovery that you are undertaking. But please don’t be overly concerned. We will offer you excellent guidance and information all along the way.”

Sabella asked: “You say, ‘each pilgrim.’ Have there been many people, in the past, who have done what I will be doing?”

“Not that many recently,” Solonar replied. ”But because we are moving closer to the highest age of Satya Yuga, pilgrimages like yours will become more and more important as ways to share the wisdom of the ages, to attain states of higher consciousness, and to participate in certain spiritual initiations.”

“Initiations?” Sabella asked.

“Yes,” Solonar replied. “In past higher yugas, the golden pyramids were used often as places of initiation and for teaching qualified students the highest inner science of Self-realization or union with God.”

Sabella was curious about something else. “It seems to me I’ve heard of the existence of another such place, composed of temples located along the Nile River in a continent which I think was known as Africa. The last temple close to the mouth of the river was a large pyramid, perhaps similar to these. And if I recall my very ancient history lessons, it was called the Great Pyramid of Cheops.”

“Yes, the ancient people who lived during the latter phases of the most recent Descending Treta Yuga were trying to recreate something vaguely remembered from past higher yugas. The country was called ‘Egypt,’ by the way,” Solonar explained.

“They built temples and pyramids along the Nile River as places to train young priests and priestesses in the sacred ways of inner spiritual development. And there were seven locations also, indicating that they knew of the inner existence of the seven chakras, which are located along the sushumna, the astral spine/river of life.”

“Amazing,” thought Sabella. “Do these Egyptian temples and pyramids still exist on our planet?”

“Only in memory,” Issoweet replied. “The sands of time have erased their physical existence.”

Through the Chakras by Savitri Simpson is a delightful yarn of spiritual adventure, and a worthy sequel to Through Many Lives. The author, an expert on the subject of the chakras (energy centers in the body), brings that knowledge to life with a colorful tale of a truth seeker searching for ever-greater enlightenment. Her tie-in of pyramids with the chakras, and a river with the Kundalini energy, set in the story of a pilgrimage, is an excellent teaching tool, and an ingenious technique for rendering the invisible visible and the subtle more easily understandable. If you’re looking for a book that’s entertaining, inspiring, educational, and a good read, I highly recommend Through the Chakras.”

Richard Salva, author of The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln

“A recurring impression is that the book itself vibrates with light and color, often seeming to be at one with the realities it describes. Effortlessly, it took me deeper into an understanding of teachings relevant to my search for freedom in this lifetime and, at the same time, validates my belief that I can achieve my divine goal.”

Naidhruva Rush, Clarity Magazine editor, Ananda Sangha Worldwide

"This rich narrative takes the reader through the universal realities of an inner life. Playfully instructive, Through the Chakras avoids the pitfall of preaching. Even the seasoned spiritual aspirant will enjoy journeying with Sabella on her quest for wisdom, peace, and perfect joy."

Lila Devi, Assisi, Italy, author of From Bagels to Curry and founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences

“Savitri Simpson takes us on an allegorical journey through the seven chakras, along the way providing a succinct and integrated compendium of knowledge, organized through the chakra system, but including Vedic astrology, correspondences with the Mahabharata, and a deeply integrated view rooted in long personal experience. Highly recommended reading for anyone on or considering Ananda’s Kriya yoga path, but also for anyone seeking an understanding of the chakras in the context of yogic lineage. The appendices are valuable tools in themselves.”

Anne Benvenuti, author of Spirit Unleashed: Reimagining Human-Animal Relations (nominated for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize)

Through the Chakras should be read twice; once for enjoyment, and once for enlightenment. This book gives you a clearer and deeper understanding of things that you thought you already knew.”

Sandy Reardon, Carson City, NV, retired yoga and meditation teacher

“A skillful and fascinating transport of the reader into an entirely different realm.”

Willma Gore, Sedona, AZ, writing coach and prize-winning author of If Coyote Smiles

“The author’s world view is wide and historical. This peaceful, gentle book contains information about all the energy centers, the yugas, and is full of the best of the old Hindu teachings. And it is very easy reading!  I see the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sunrise on a tropic isle, trying to remember all the while, I was here before.”

Bob Frank, acclaimed song-writer/musician, El Sobrante, CA

“Savitri Simpson takes you along as an observer of her heroine Sabella’s extraordinary journey, a journey which no chronicler could conjure into words with such alacrity had she not experienced for herself the realization of the inner quest that she describes. Through the Chakras spills information and imagery alike into your imagination in a manner that a more prosaic guide to the chakras, or to the spiritual path in general, cannot do. You’ll want to experience the journey yourself, and indeed it can serve as the ultimate map for your inner quest: a map that says someone has been there before you, someone who not only chooses to tell the tale, but tells it in such an enticing manner for those who may follow.”

Elizabeth Davenport, spiritual leader, University of Chicago

Through the Chakras is delightful, mystical, and thoroughly enjoyable. A compelling adventure story, it is filled with deep teachings and playfulness, too.” 

Becca Pronchick, Napa, CA, Permission to Relax Center, Certified Co-Active Coach, and EFT Master Trainer.

“In this uplifting novel, Sabella, the protagonist, undertakes a series of initiations in seven pyramids and thereby experiences all the qualities of the seven chakras, along with their corresponding sounds, colors, gemstones, and qualities. Along the way, she has exciting adventures, fearful challenges, and mystical visions. We learn not only about the chakras but also about many other spiritual realities and teachings, including the Mahabharata, India’s classic epic, and the yugas, 24,000-year cycles of time.  Delightful characters abound, such as big, booming Bhima, guardian of the heart chakra, and little ego Sabella, who wants more and more. As Sabella is taught through her initiations and conversations with mentors, we learn about many important spiritual realities, while enjoying the humor and suspense of her journey. Nayaswami Savitri Simpson, is to be commended for her vivid imagination and deep spirituality.

Bunny Paine-Clemes, Ph.D., Professor of Transpersonal Studies, Atlantic University, author of Creative Synergy.

“A completely engrossing novel—I had trouble putting it down. The many joyful and creative touches made me laugh often, and I learned a tremendous amount that I did not know about the chakras. The images are really staying with me! Not only that, but it’s changing how I think about my practice of Kriya Yoga. I’m planning to reread it soon, to absorb more of its deeper teachings.”

Mukti Deranja, Nevada City, CA

“This is an amazing book! Nayaswami Savitri’s storytelling talents are once again brilliantly displayed in her second novel. I thought I knew all about the chakras, but I discovered that there is so much more to know and experience. A large store of both basic and more obscure information about the chakras is shared by means of a light-hearted tale.”

J.A. Simpson, Nevada City, CA

Through the Chakras is making me look at the chakras in a whole other way. I never gave them much attention before. Now, I’m starting to see how helpful it is to be aware of, understand, and work with them. Thank you for this entertaining, fun, and insightful immersion into the fascinating realm of the chakras.”

Jagrav Quinn, Nevada City, CA

“Nayaswami Savitri’s novels are magnificent in how they reveal both human and divine love, down through the ages. Her writing has a very trustworthy quality, and Through the Chakras reads along quite nicely. You can feel how carefully all of it has been researched, thought through, and meditated on. This novel is full of inspiration for meditating yogis, encouraging them to put more effort into their spiritual practices.”

Prakash Van Cleave, Nevada City, CA

Through the Chakras is really sweet, what to speak of being a wonderful presentation of the deeper teachings of yoga. It imparts inspiration and the desire to know and experience more about the chakras.  Savitri clearly had so much fun writing it!”

Maria McSweeney, Nevada City, CA

“This novel is an interesting interweaving of humor, personification, and fantasy, plus it offers deep wisdom about the chakras and spiritual evolution.”

Punita Greenberg, Grass Valley, CA