This compilation is a combination of chants and songs, showing the wide variety of Swami Kriyananda’s work. Swamiji composed more than 400 pieces of music, so this is a small sample of his countless inspirations. Panduranga uses his fifty years of musical experience and his deep devotion to interpret each piece, creating guitar instrumentals that flow with divine vibrations. Each offering leads you inward to experience inner peace and an uplifted spirit. These fourteen selections are performed and produced by Panduranga on six-string, twelve-string and classical guitars, as well as tambura, harmonium and synthesizer keyboards.

Panduranga Heater

Playing guitar since the age of 13, Panduranga has performed and recorded in diverse styles over the past five decades. Though once a dyed-in-the-wool rock’n’roller, Panduranga has lived the last twenty-two years at Ananda Village in Nevada County, California, a spiritual community founded on the teachings of the great spiritual master, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi. Over the years, he developed his own expression of sacred chants performed on acoustic guitar, bringing inspirational arrangements and instrumentation to timeless melodies. This first CD, “From Joy I Came,” is a collection of instrumental interpretations of devotional chants written by Paramhansa Yogananda. Performing on 12-string, 6-string steel, and classical guitars, Panduranga creates a soundscape of meditative and inspirational music. Live performances are highlighted by masterful guitar work as well as devotional interludes.

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