Christ Lives: An Oratorio (2023)

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Inspired by the living presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Land, Swami Kriyananda was moved to write a complete oratorio — Christ Lives. This musical narrative unfolds the life of Jesus through the eyes of a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. As music alone can do, the Oratorio reaches the soul with the message and spirit of Christ's life and his call to all seekers to awaken the Divine within.

Christ Lives: An Oratorio is a captivating live performance that features a small choir comprising approximately thirty singers, all of whom are residents of the serene Ananda Village nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. This enchanting oratorio was performed live within the sacred confines of the Temple of Light at Ananda Village, and it graced the ears of an appreciative audience in April 2023. What makes this performance particularly special is that the entire oratorio, in all its glory and magnificence, was included without any omissions.

The latest rendition of Christ Lives takes a new and refreshing direction. This performance is driven by the pure essence of the music itself, without the need for a director. Emerging from the challenges posed by the pandemic, this approach reflects the lessons learned during these trying times. The absence of a director allowed the choir to connect more deeply with the music, infusing it with a profound and authentic expression.

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“The meditative nature of the music blended with the visual made it a most moving experience. An excellent and well integrated presentation. A++++.”
Reverend John Kloepfer, St. Michael’s Church, Wheaton Illinois

“People just don’t write music like this anymore–it’s wonderful! There is a special place in heaven where musicians like Handel go, and they are saving a place there now for the one who wrote this music.”
Avis Hall, professional violinist for 25 years

“It made the Holy Land come alive as a real place. I cried all the way through it. It felt that I had journeyed to the Holy Land, and the I had “walked” with Christ. It facilitates a great Easter joy.”
Linda Hicks, Music Director, St. Edwards Catholic Church, Houston, TX

“The performance was of the light, there is no doubt. It describes so beautifully what I have been doing the past thrity-nine years. I feel very much at home listening to it.”
Sister Mary of the Holy Spirit Corpus Christi Convent

“As soon as it was over, my congregation was ready to see it again. We felt energized by the presentation.”
Reverend Albert Wingate, Unity Church of Christianity, Houston, TX

“For me it was a very exciting, moving, and inspiring experience.”
Reverend James Atkins, St. Raymond’s Catholic Church

“I would certainly recommend it to any church interested in presenting a work of real musical quality.”
Dewayne Gramley, Director of Placement of Church Music, Council of Churches, San Francisco

“...a first class show; the choir was ‘ultra-professional.’ I could feel spirituality in their voices.”
Salvatore D’Aura, retired Vatican Choirmaster

“The slides and music were superb! It met all my expectations, and I would recommend it to other parishes.”
Father Gerald Riva, Immaculate Conception Church, Wheaton, Illinois

“I really enjoyed the program, the beautiful music, the beautiful scenery. The music was excellent–it is definitely for lovers of good music. The slides were beautifully done.”
Reverend Joseph Burns, St. Paul the Apostle Church, Joliet, Illinois

“Our Parishioner’s experience of “Christ Lives” was a positive and productive one. The presentation is prayerful and a source of spiritual enrichment. I would certainly endorse and recommend this fine work.”
Monsignor James McKay, St. Cecelia’s Curch, San Francisco

““Christ Lives” is a rich and moving experience for persons who appreciate the power of meditation. It moves slowly. The music is excellent. The slides are inspiring.”
Reverend William Auld, First United Presbyterian Church, San Francisco

“It would be almost impossible to describe how moved I was by the experience of the “Christ Lives” program. The music was tremendously compelling, and the slides exquisite.”
Reverend Judy Sherman, Unity Church Seattle

About the Author

Swami Kriyananda

In 1948 at the age of twenty-two, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) became a disciple of the Indian yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda. At Yogananda’s request, Swami Kriyananda devoted his life to lecturing and writing, helping others to experience the living presence of God within. He taught on four continents in seven languages over the course of 65 years.

His talks, his music, and his many books have touched the lives of millions. His books and teachings on spiritualizing nearly every field of human endeavor include business life, leadership, education, the arts, community, and science.

Inspired by Yogananda’s dream of establishing spiritual communities, in 1969 he founded the first of what are now 9 Ananda communities worldwide. They provide a supportive environment of “simple living and high thinking” where over 1,000 full-time residents live, work, and worship together.

Customer Reviews

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Pam Barone
Not here yet

I have not received the Oratorio yet.

Excellent version of Swamiji's Oratorio

I have 2 or 3 Oratorio versions already saved, and this one is as good as, or better than, those. So yes, treat yourself to a Christmas/Easter treat!

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