Relax and Reconnect DVD (Ananda Yoga Series Vol. 3)

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Four 45+-minute Ananda Yoga® classes
with Nayaswami Gyandev

True relaxation is central to a healthy, successful lifestyle. It’s not about sleep; its higher expressions are dynamic, empowering, and subtle. These classes will help you develop invaluable relaxation skills.

This volume includes:

1. Find Ease Within Effort—Discover how to relax in the midst of activity, so all your efforts can bring the best results possible.

2. Relax Upward—A contradiction? No, it’s simply a higher form of relaxation, and you’ll learn how to cultivate it.

3. Relax away from Distraction—Explore effective tools for dealing with the many distractions of everyday life.

4. Relax into Soul-Awareness—This ultimate relaxation skill takes you into the higher octaves of your own being.

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