The Book of Bhrigu

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Release date: February 1, 2024  

India's Ancient Book of Prophecy

A report of a fascinating find in India: an ancient manuscript, large enough to fill a library, containing prophecies concerning the lives of millions of individuals yet unborn.

A careful and unbiased account, this booklet might unsettle the confidence of a few readers in the absoluteness of our modern understanding of reality.

The Book of Bhrigu, its origins hidden in the mists of time, can predict events with uncanny accuracy. Swami Kriyananda explores the origins of this incredible manuscript, including his own adventures with Bhrigu readers in India.

Format: Paperback

Customer Reviews

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It was interesting. Better version was in Swamiji's book.

Sundaram K
Book of Bhrigu

I thought this was a very interesting book. I enjoy reading Kriyananda's history with Swami Yogananda....but this book was a little disappointing because it doesn't tell us anything about how people in general can access this knowledge; it is only about his own experience. If all of us could experience this amazing story personally, that would be a lot more meaningful. But is is certainly something that some will be able, perhaps, to have direct contact with the writings. Namaste!

Michael Santini
The Book of Bhrigu.

Dear Reader,
I first heard about this story when reading Paramahansa Yogananda's book titled "Autobiography of a Yogi". I subsequently heard this story from watching a video by Swami Kriyananda. Like many people who have read this story about the Book of Bhrigu, I was fascinated by it. I bought the booklet sold by Crystal Clarity. The booklet is very small with large lettering and extended spacing between lines. It is a quick read. Most of the information contained in this booklet you can obtain online from some of the addresses that Swami Kriyananda had given in the past. Is this little booklet worth the purchase price? It is if you are interested in this topic. The high cost of this booklet is probably due to having this booklet re-published in 2024. In this context the high cost is understandable. Most of the information in this booklet can be gotten online. The information contained therein is fascinating but minimal. Therefore, this booklet receives a three-star rating from this reader. Michael Santini.

Brian Buchiarelli

The book offered nothing new to what the brief description offered. No details, no insights, no deep discussion about the idea of time as non-linear.

A tiny thin book not worth the cost.

Rebecca Smith, MEd
The Book of Bhrigu

It’s fascinating. I’m almost halfway through. Of course very well written.

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