Achieve Your Goals DVD (Ananda Yoga Series Vol. 9)

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To realize your dreams in life, you need certain skills. Ananda Yoga is a perfect system for developing those skills, for its many tools will help you take both your inner and your outer capabilities to the next level.

Volume 9 - Double DVD
Four 45-minute Ananda Yoga® classes
with Nayaswami Gyandev

This volume contains:

1. Focus Your Energy — Learn ways to increase your energy and direct it skillfully in order to make the most of your effort to succeed.

2. Develop Your Hidden Power — Bring to life a potent tool that lies dormant within you, and make great things happen.

3. Partner with Spirit — Explore practical, effective ways to draw God’s unlimited power into the pursuit of your goals.

4. Attract Success — Discover a simple, yet powerful, technique that takes you beyond the basic law of attraction. 


"I cannot express how genuine and deep a little practice with Gyandev using the Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness has improved every area of my life. There is something so powerful about doing this practice with Gyandev. His decades of practice literally transmit to me and I feel connected deeply to my Inner Being again! I have tried stretching, walking, vigorous hiking, nothing was helping me to feel alive again - just more tense and achy! I had forgotten how important learning to work with your vital force was to all activities in life! Gyandev is a gift to the community. I am deeply grateful for this wonderful course he has curated for us. Blessing to you!" --H. Thomas

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