Buon Natale - Merry Christmas - Digital

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A new collection of Christmas songs by Ananda Joy Choir - Assisi

"Following the festive season, at the beginning of January, we came together again in our Temple of Light, close to Assisi, for two whole days, in order to record this CD. It was a wonderful experience that united us even more: we sang, laughed and enjoyed ourselves. This CD is the result of five years of work together, during which time we have grown in harmony, brotherhood and joy."

SOPRANI: Aanadi Pacciarini, Ahimsa R. Garcia,   Vinaja Serra, Mahiya Matthews, Clarita Poselli,  Ruby Stoppe, Suryani Lupi, Mirela Schwarz, Namasya Rizzardini. 

CONTRALTI: Mayadevi Lauer, Premi Di Benedetto, Lakshmi D’Alessio, Saraswati Pensa, Dhuti Johnson, Gurupriya Laaber, Durga Schilling, Gitanjali Gregorelli.

TENORI: Arudra Slisko (solista), Gopala Aschieri, Jayadev Jaerschky, Anand Stickney, Krishnaprem Chaparro.

BASSI: Helmut Lauer, Ranijt Scutti, Rashmi Fioravanti, Yogindra Gregorelli, Marco Di Domenico.

DIRETTORE: M° Peter Treichler

Ananda Joy Choir is an amateur vocal group comprising some 25 people who come from: Italy, United States of America, England, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Chile and who live in a spiritual community close to Assisi, where they dedicate their lives to simple living and high thinking and to seeking God.
The aim and task of the choir is, by means of song, to promote the universal cause of peace and harmony between nations, races and religions. The choir performs predominantly compositions by J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda), founder of the Ananda community, and its concerts are intended to raise consciousness and convey life’s joy, though in the Christmas period it also loves to perform and share traditional Christmas songs from various countries.
Since 2015, the choir has been under the direction of Peter Treichler.



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Che bellissima! I love it!

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