Swami Lecture Series: Divine Love Collection

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Love stands as one of the most compelling forces in our lives, yet its true source often eludes us, as we search outwardly instead of turning inward toward God.

In this collection of talks by Swami Kriyananda, we embark on a profound journey to uncover the divine presence within ourselves and all creation. These teachings illuminate the path to nurturing a personal relationship with the divine and recognizing His love in every aspect of existence.

The Divine Love Collection by Swami Kriyananda encompasses seven talks, each offering profound insights into the nature of divine love and its transformative power:

1. Love God in All
2. Turning Human Love into Divine Love
3. How to Spiritualize Your Relationships
4. Blessed are the Pure in Heart
5. Human Relationships
6. Relationships: A Spiritual Approach
7. Paramhansa Yogananda: Incarnation of Divine Love

May these teachings illuminate our path and awaken us to the boundless love that surrounds us, guiding us toward a life filled with divine grace and compassion.

Customer Reviews

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Dana Lynne Andersen
True Wisdom

Pure wisdom on a subject at the heart of our happiness. Swami Kriyananda has a rare capacity to distill the essence of spiritual teachings and to simultaneously offer the most practical, useful advice on how to live. This is a treasure!
Also please note- the one star review is not a fair judgement. They simply didn't understand that the product offered was audio.

I have not listened to any of it.

I thought I was buying a book that I could go through with my highlighter pen, but I received MP3's that would take many, many hours to listen to.

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