Let Me Remember This

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A Seeker's Observations and Thoughts on the Path to Understanding

Surendra James Conti


Practical in its wisdom, provocative in its perspective, and generously infused with humor and heart, Let Me Remember This is a journey of self-discovery for the writer and reader alike. It’s a journey into the consciousness of all that we are and all that is.

Although each of us is unique, our quest is the same: to realize our highest potential, which is not of this earth. These essays invite us to see our way to that summit. Ultimately, it is less about learning anything new and more about remembering what we’ve forgotten: that we are beings of light, divinely endowed. Joy awaits within.


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“Reading Let Me Remember This is like having a conversation with a close, trusted friend. As a writer myself, I recognize a kindred spirit in Surendra who loves the beauty of words and the subtlety they can convey. As a seeker of truth, I see through his writings a soul who is on the same quest for the meaning behind life’s experiences. And as someone who has met truly wise people in my life, I acknowledge the deep wisdom he has gained. Poet, seeker, sage: Surendra is all of these, and his book is a gift to cherish for years to come.”

Nayaswami Devi, author, lecturer, and Spiritual Co-Director of Ananda Sangha Worldwide


Let Me Remember This is a gem of a book that scintillates with warmth and wisdom. Gleaned from decades on the spiritual path, Surendra offers reflections, philosophical musings, life stories, dreams and insights to amuse, edify, and awaken us. His keen awareness, depth of heart and twinkle of humor make for thoroughly enjoyable reading while imparting important life lessons. Let Me Remember This will be a warmly welcomed companion to any seeker’s library.”

Dana Lynne Andersen, Founder and Director, Awakening Arts Academy 


“Surendra James Conti's book, Let Me Remember This, is filled with inspiration and insights, garnered from many years of introspection while following the spiritual path laid out by Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Indian master and author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi. Walk along with him as he takes you on a delightful journey from one beautiful thought-vista to the next, each insight directed toward the highest goal of Self-realization.”

Richard Dyanand Salva, author, The Yoga of Abraham Lincoln and numerous other books


 “Reading Surendra’s Let Me Remember This feels like engaging in an inspiring and captivating conversation with a close friend in my own living room… like he’s holding up a mirror for me to see and experience my true, higher self in a number of different ways. Highly recommended reading.”

Bill Grady, author, Beacons of Light


“In this beautifully written book, Surendra shares his journey, filled with very human experiences, insights, struggles, and devotion to the guidance of his beloved guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, and that of his spiritual teacher Swami Kriyananda. These pages are of his quest to move beyond egoic consciousness and remember the bliss and depth of the True Self. May we all, with the support of whatever path or wisdom tradition we follow, remember this.”

Manohar Croke, author, Energy Psychology Using Light and Color  


“Reading this book is like having an interesting conversation with a wise friend. Surendra has the gift of putting into words, the questions, and many of the answers, that intrigue all sincere truth seekers. Open the book anywhere. It will lighten your heart and give you something interesting to think about for the rest of the day. Highly recommended.”

Asha Praver, author, Ask Asha, Loved and Protected and Swami Kriyananda: As We Have Known Him



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