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Music to Awaken Superconsciousness will change your life. The hidden mechanism at work behind intuition, spiritual and physical healing, successful problem solving, and finding deep, lasting joy, superconscious awareness is the missed link to living richer, more meaningful lives.

Each of the twenty-three instrumental selections on this album expresses a different aspect of superconsciousness, helping you to more easily access this state of higher awareness.

Keyboards, harp, cello, violin, tamboura, and other instruments combine to create a lush, beautiful, and utterly enchanting listening experience that
will leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and inspired.

This music will help you:

    • Find Inner Peace

    • Enhance Your Creativity

    • Unlock Intuitive Guidance

    • Feel Deep and Lasting Joy

    • Strengthen Your Willpower

    • Expand Your Awareness

    • Transcend Your Limitations

    • Commune with the Divine


From the Liner Notes:

What is Superconsciousness?

We have all experienced our subconscious minds — in our sleep, dreams, and through our unconscious thoughts and emotions. And, of course, we're all intimately familiar with the normal conscious state of awareness from which we go about our daily lives. But there is a third, less well-known state of awareness: the superconscious....Though many of us have experienced fleeting moments of raised consciousness and enlightenment,
few know how to purposely enter such an exalted state.

The music on this album is specifically designed to help us access this state successfully and regularly and help us maximize its beneficial effects. Through superconsciousness, each of us can feel inner peace, tap into our wellspring of creativity, unlock intuitive guidance, and hear the silent voice of our souls.


How to Use This Recording

Flexible in its design, Music to Awaken Superconsciousness can be used in several different ways. It can be played like any other album: as beautiful background music, driving music, or as enjoyable listening music. But there is a deeper, more dynamic way to use this album: as a tool for spiritual growth. Each piece of music has been composed and recorded to help you develop specific qualities needed to access superconsciousness, sequenced to follow the universal stages of our spiritual journey.

The album can be listened to sequentially, from start to finish, or you can listen to one or two songs repetitively to better concentrate on developing a needed quality in yourself. You can also program your CD player to automatically repeat an individual track, or create your own customized sequences of tracks that play each song in the order you prefer.


Here is a simple, three-step process to developing the spiritual qualities found in each song:

Step 1: Concentration. Put your whole mind on the music. Listen completely, with your full attention, not allowing the mind to wander. If you catch yourself drifting, gently bring your mind back to the music.

Step 2: Absorption. Feel the music vibrating in every cell of your being, completely allowing the specific quality of each piece to wash over you and through you.

Step 3: Receptivity. After the selection is over, take some time to observe and feel how the music has subtly changed your thoughts energy. Gently hold yourself in that vibration, allowing it to uplift you and transform you.

Between each main selection is a brief musical narration, The Land of Mystery. These beautiful musical meditations guide you on your journey, preparing you to better absorb the next main selection, creating a harmonious bridge between each song.

(Further details for working with each track are included in the liner notes.)

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